I'm confused about Teacher evalutions

<p>Okay, so I invited my teacher onto my commonapp and I assigned him to each of the schools I'm going to apply to.
Now, he decided to do everything online.
My question is, if he does everything online, would I still need to print out a hard copy of the Teacher Evalution and hand it to him in person? also, would i need to give him an envelope?
I'm so confused. How is he going to get the teacher evaluation sheet? Do I have to send it to him via-email?</p>

<p>Also, I asked my another teacher for a reccomendation and since she's not so "technologically advanced" she decided to do everything on hands. Would I need to give her an envelope for each of my schools and a teacher evaluation for each of the envelopes?</p>

<p>Help, i'm so confused!
If you guys can help me out i'd be so happy!</p>

<p>For the ones online, you should be set. On the Common App, all you do is invite your teachers and they get a link and they do the rest. If a teacher is doing it manually, then I would provide the teacher with an envelope with a stamp and addresses so she can just send it, otherwise, your school may be able to send it in an official envelope. For the online apps, each rec would get sent to each school automatically. With physical apps, there needs to be separate envelopes with each school's forms that you can find on their website.</p>