I'm confused help!!!

I’ve completed my application form and almost all supplemental forms on the princentonreview.com’s common application thing…Now my big question is, do I go to each college I’m going to be applying to and fill out their supplemental forms? I thought the one princeton provided was just about it…Then i see NEU has one of its own, and it says it wont accept without supplemtal, etc…so pls tell me what do I do here? Because colleges own supplemetnal forms have which program u will be applying to, etc. dont they? NEU and yale for example does…but then again i have my teacher evaulations, etc. on the one from princenton review thing…so what do i do here? And also if i send my application out to everyone by 11/1 …lets say 10/30 in this case, and wait few more days to send out the supplemental forms, is that considered beyond deadline if im going for early action which has deadlines for 11/1…thanks

<p>& btw...any good business undergrad colleges in Atlanta? (and if any that u list accept the common application)...thanks...also to apply to yale do I need to take "SAT II" subject tests?</p>

<p>You need to fill out each college's supplemental form.. they're all different, so you need to do one for each college (look on their website for the forms).</p>

<p>Teacher evaluations should have been mailed to the colleges, not sent through online.. Just copy the teacher evaluations and mail a copy to each college.</p>

<p>I think supplemental forms are included in the deadline, but I'm not really sure..</p>

<p>Emory is a good college in Atlanta, I'm applying there. They use the common application. You probably need SAT II's for Yale but I'm not sure- check their website.</p>

<p>Yes, supplemental forms are included in the deadline. Each school will have their own and they're all slightly different.</p>

<p>Same type of question: if you have an additional resume type page can you attach that and submit it? Or is there a separate box for it as in the essay? Or should a paper copy be added to the school transcript packet and mailed by the guidance office?</p>

<p>ok now this is a very serious question....can i mail the teacher/guidance recommendations by myself after collecting them from the teachers...i mean i got one paragraph of recommendation from one teacher and just about on the 2nd...are they really supposed to be long? Nevertheless it sums up most things about me...pls let me know..& secondly reg. Emory college, i see that they are affiliated with "Methodist" group...whats ur opinion on this? I'm an Asian and I seirously don't want to be religiously related to these things in any way. Being an asian (Indian to be specific), would this be a vice choice?..And ive completed my common application from the princentonreview.com, do they have "Early action" or is it just Regular decision if i dont want that? pls let me know so i know how to move..and if they do have EA where's their Supplemental form that i have to complete with the common application (i got the recommendations from the common application btw)...</p>

<p>Please cover my questions...as im really starting to get worreid about which colleges i should apply to that have deadlines due 11/1..if u know of any good ones pls let me know.</p>

<p>My resume:
4.22 weighted GPA
Ranked 3rd in class of 110
1190 on SAT (1st time)
BPA, Beta Club, and NHS member
20 Hours @ a library
My own business for 1+ year
& i guess thats about it..anyways if u know of any good undergrad colleges pls let me know, i believe that all of the ones ill be applying to will be like my safety school and im looking for bit of a challenege...</p>

Boston University
are the 4 ill be applying too..does BU have the supplemntal form, if so where's the link as I cant seem to find it?</p>

<p>Secondly please suggest other schools from common application list for now or in general..I'm really looking to apply to as many good schools as I can find...*
PS**How's william & mary, etc?</p>

<p>Pls suggest which i should be looking to apply for the november 1st deadline & then nevember 15th..</p>

<p>Instate im looking to apply to UF and UCf just incase....THX and i'd really appreciate everything but pls do reply</p>

<p>bumpp...pls reply since the deadline is in 2 days</p>

<p>I think that the teachers are supposed to mail the recs for you, in an addressed and stamped envelope that you give them. You should be careful about which schools you apply EA/ED to some schools, like Yale, have EA but they do not allow you to apply to other schools EA. </p>

<p>I wouldn't worry about the colleges religous affiliation. It is like the national religion of a country, not everyone practices it. The one religion you have to watch out for is Jewish (no offense to Jews) but they form cliques and groups that are impenitrable to many non-Jews.</p>

<p>You have good extracurriculars and grades (3rd in class is good too). The only thing that I see would drag you back are you SAT scores. If you have the option try to bring the score up in the December test and then apply to the schools that yu really want. If you can bring it up from 1190 to around 1300 you will stand a much better chance at all your schools.</p>

<p>thx for that info...im trying to do as much as i can to get that to 1300...would u recommend memorizing all the vocabs through word smart as i can in a weeks time (im pretty good at memorizing...i believe if i can just go through MC without explanation...i can do a pretty good job at remember this...considering test is only in about a week...and im going to review all the stratedgies etc again from princeton review...this one goes for novembor and then i have also registered for dec for one last shot so hoping that will help too</p>

<p>& thx for the info on EA..didn't know that prior to this</p>

<p>Please recommend colleges if u have any in mind..it seems BU (the only one on November 1st deadline as of now it seems doesn't accept EA) so im not really sure which one I should be going for there...if any of u guys have one and has a deadline on 11/1 pls let me know (business..undergrad) with good reputation, etc.</p>


<p>anyone? here</p>

<p>last try on my side :9</p>