I'm confused.

<p>So, I'm just your average kid looking at colleges. I don't get the worse grades but I don't get the best grades either. I have an 84 average in highschool all college prep classes and I've gotten some pretty ugly grades in the past. Three D's in math and spanish. I talk to my school counselor before school ended and she said that I have a decent average and could be accepted to some state schools. My parents say I should be looking at penn state but they never been to college and do not know what they are talking about. I'm thinking I should start at community college. (still got to find one though) Anyways I have my guidance counselors opinion, my parents, and my own. Who should I listen too? I want to go to college no matter what. I have decent ECs and community service hours, plus I still have my senior year to boost my GPA.</p>

<p>How much your parents will pay for your college expense. If money is not a consideration, listen to Guidence Conselor and then make your own decision based on their recommendations. Your parents will appreciate that after the results are known. However, put Penn state in the pool, just to appease your parent.</p>

<p>Take all opinions into consideration.
Then think of where YOU want to be.
To get there, you may have to go to a community college, then transfer.
Talk to your guidance counselor about that as an option.</p>