I'm considering taking some CLEP exams...opinions?

<p>Have any of you taken these CLEP exams?- American Lit, Precalc, and College Algebra, those are the ones I'm considering, in addition to having AP credit for college. Difficulty level? where to get practice exams and questions? any other helpful info you would like to share? thanks!</p>

<p>This was a difficult exam, but earned my son 6 credits! He really enjoyed studying for this one. There is a new REA CLEP
(Amazon.com:</a> The Best Test Preparation for the CLEP American Literature…) prep book for this subject that is supposed to be good. It wasn't available when my son prepared, so he used the Complete Idiots' Guide book.<br>
More info here:
Degree</a> Planners - American Literature</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>D took College Algebra CLEP in January and blew it away. I think she used CLEP Professor to help prep, she doesn't like math and so it is not her strongest area. She was not quite done with her Algebra II curriculum but wanted to get it out of the way before she started to self study a couple of APs. She is hoping to do Pre-calc next January.</p>