Im crying hysterically. Please help me with this (ssat scores)

<p>ok, so i took the SSATS not the SATs. SSATS are for high schools. I am in 8th grade right now and i am applying to Phillips ACademy Andovre, Exeter, and the St. Paul School. I am a straight A student since 6th grade. I play many sports and my interview was wonderful! (I also do many community services)
however, i took the ssats in novvember and december.(UPPER)
Verbal Score 659
(Personal Score Range: 638 - 680, SSAT Percentile 53%)</p>

<p>Math Score 743
(Personal Score Range: 722 - 764, SSAT Percentile 87%)</p>

<p>Reading Score 632
(Personal Score Range: 611 - 653, SSAT Percentile 34%)</p>

<p>Total Score 2034
(Personal Score Range: NA, SSAT Percentile 62%)
this is the best one...............
do you think theres a possibility for me to get into one of these schools?
please be honest and im crying hysterically right now. please help me.</p>

<p>I'm so sorry. But at this point, being completely honest, unless you are a star athlete, there really isn't a chance anymore. So many people like to say there is always a chance, but in truth, a lot of it is the ssat score... I suggest looking at more schools or studying really hard to take the January test for one last shot. Good Luck! You can inbox me any questions...</p>

<p>okay.. thank you though. I needed the honesty</p>

<p>get it to a 75 and you MIGHT stand a chance. good luck</p>

<p>I did soooooo horribly on mine i got a 47% average......... sooooo retaking</p>

<p>Buy SSAT secrets, study how to take the test, and retake in January...have someone buy it for you for xmas. I really think your scores are too low for those schools. A 15-20 point bump MIGHT be enough and your only real chance given the time limitation is to maximixe your score given what you know. I know it is hard but now is the time to dig deep and give it everything you have to maximize your test taking efficiency.</p>

<p>I am sorry. I feel for you.</p>

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<p>SSATs say very little about you that really matters. But you asked for honesty concerning an admission decision... so I second what magusalex said.</p>

<p>I'm relatively new to the admission game. But looking at Andover, Exeter, and SPS's past data... your chances with just what you have outlined above is quite small. (Of course, you might have withheld some amazing hook, but that's another matter entirely.) I don't really suggest taking the SSATs again- if it wasn't a misgridding, you understood the test and was familiar with the format- this is likely your score range for the test. However, look at some other schools. You sound like a pretty solid applicant that other, less "Little Ivy" schools would happily admit.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>