I'm curious, did anyone tour UWF or UNF? Thoughts?

<p>What did you think? The good and the bad. I am starting to tour colleges, I see FSU next, but I was wondering what you guys thought about these schools..</p>

<p>Well, we visited FSU and UNF on the same trip. My D spent a week on the FSU campus summer after junior year at a summer program. At the end of the program, we did the formal tour, went to the admissions presentation, met with an admissions counselor. My D loved her stay, and decided on the spot that this was her first choice. We had visited many LAC's in Florida and the south, and I always pictured her at an LAC. Once she stepped foot on the FSU campus, that all changed. But while we were there, we learned that her SAT score for Math was in the bottom 25%, and that she needed to take it again in the fall and get it up. She really did not want to take the SAT again, and did not want to go through the prep to bring it up.</p>

<p>So she left FSU thinking maybe she didn't really need to take it again, and maybe her EC's were high enough and maybe her higher scores for CR and Writing would prevail. Our next stop was UNF. We arrived to the campus, driving around the circular drive that takes you around the campus. We pulled into a parking spot and she did not want to get out of the car. We did, and took the tour. She felt it was no bigger than her HS, and she was totally unimpressed. To be honest, there were tears. She DID NOT want to HAVE to go to UNF. The visit did do one thing, it motivated her to prep, retake the SAT, improve her math score by 100 points. She applied early to FSU, was in, and never submitted an application to UNF...and never looked back.</p>

<p>We considered UNF in 2006 because they gave very generous scholarships of $4,000 to $5,000 per year. They had a day when you could tour and be admitted by the end of the visit. The suburban campus is not far from the beach and the city of Jacksonville and has a nice nature preserve but at that time they did not have a student union and the campus seemed like basically a commuter school with a few programs for business and nursing. It seemed like the most popular activity was the surfing club. When they gave you a tour they show you their Heron Swoop and drum line. There just was no comparison to the FSU experience and facilities.</p>

<p>We did not visit nor seriously consider UNF or UWF. Both are fairly small commuter schools, but I do know one UWF graduate who is a talented and competent individual. If either fits you and you are motivated, you would probably receive an adequate education. Such schools work for some and should not be discounted. </p>

<p>I see other commuter-type schools such as FIU/UCF/USF as larger versions, with an emphasis on general public access and distributed campuses. The so-called "flagship" schools of FSU and UF feature more traditional residential university experiences in my opinion. Of these two Florida State tends to be a more traditional liberal arts school while UF tends to be a more agricultural or farm type school. I say "tends" as these older labels are blurring in the current day.</p>

<p>Hope this helps. :)</p>

<p>Compared to what is available at FSU, there is not much to be excited about at UNF. UNF is in my city, and I have been there a couple of times. It is small, and most people there are from this city. They have a large perimeter which leads into the school, but once you're in, you feel enclosed inside this mini-campus with no tradition and no character. Definitely a commuter school. But it definitely is a great fit for certain people.</p>

<p>Oh, thanks guys! Did anyone visit UWF?</p>

<p>I went to vist unf recently the same day I visted fsu and it was a waste of my time. The people leadeing the tour were not inteligent, and just really didnt sell the school. I was on a college tour with a bunch of other people, and the tour guides were telling us where to buy alcohol. So I wouldn't even consider going there but their academics seems to be good.</p>

<p>We have toured both UNF and UWF. Having 2 kids, I have seen UNF 3 times. Each time I walk away with the same conclusion. While there are some real selling points, ie:beach access, huge private rooms available, nature preserve, good class sizes..the whole experience is unimpressive at best. It is adequate, and may be a good fit for some, but not for either of my D's. UWF is actually a pretty campus, with some very involved professors and student body. A good size of around 10,000, also on a nature preserve and close to a beach. The tour was professional and informative. The dorms leave much to be desired and there is not a big selection. Most students move off campus by the time they hit their sophmore year. Between the 2 schools, UWF was more appealing. I think the biggest reason that UWF does not get noticed as much as the other FL schools is the location. It is just so far away from most everyone that lives in the state.</p>

<p>I can tell you that UWF's campus is prettier than UCF, FSU, or Florida.</p>

<p>The campus at UWF is really spread out so you will need a car. Oh, and the beaches are nicer than anything you'll find on the east coast.</p>

<p>I've toured and visited UNF a few times. I liked the school but I scratched it off when I was exploring colleges after visiting on a Saturday. It was in maybe Feb when visiting, it was unusually cold and windy, and the campus was a ghost town. I mean it was dead dead. I know college campuses are quiet weekend mornings, but it was so deserted, nothing was even open to eat, and I couldn't imagine being there for four years of college. I ended up enrolling at USF, and despite what some say about USF being a commuter school--weekends on campus at USF are like Times Square New Year's eve compared to weekends at UNF. I wish someone who is, or was a student at UNF would comment about UNF because I am sure it fits the bill for many, for me something was missing.</p>

<p>As far as UWF, I've never seen the campus and can't share anything about the school. I have been to Pensacola a number of times (the beaches in the panhandle are beautiful). One thing about Pensacola with it being removed from most of Florida is it seems in some ways to have more in common with Mobile and New Orleans than the state of Florida. A lot of folks in Pensacola talk and act slower southern style (please, I mean it in a good way); it is refreshing to visit the area of Pensacola.</p>

<p>I sort of wish UWF would work its way up to UF and FSU status. It'd be cool to have a quality state university all the way at the end of the panhandle. And I have also heard its surprisingly pretty.</p>

<p>adding to my post:
I've known a few kids that went there and they all rave about it and insist that its a hard school that requires a lot of school work. I believe it has been in numerous lists for best colleges in the southeast or whatever.</p>

<p>I think its growing into being something more. It isn't as much of a commuter school as UNF or UCF. Plus I feel like Pensacola could turn into somewhat of a college town. UWF has greek life and sports teams. </p>

<p>I feel like it will grow, it will take some time but it might turn into another really good state school with the traditional college feel.</p>

<p>UNF, on the other hand, well, I haven't really heard anything good about UNF.</p>

<p>"...while UF tends to be a more agricultural or farm type school."</p>


<p>^ Which is why it should add the IFAS monies into the US News report! :D</p>

<p>Ha ha, yet...still strangely accurate. :)</p>

<p>Yep..does dirt-kicker farm boys in gainzville don have dat story-tellin' and fiddle-playin' sofizication of yoz city slickers up north...daz fur sur.</p>

<p>Why complain because it's an ag school? That is the history of UF. It used to be called "Florida Agricultural College" as its primary predecessor school in Lake City was called. </p>

<p>They could call it "Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University" but someone beat them to that name.</p>


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