I'm curious

<p>to see what schools other than mine are like. What's average, competitive, etc. I really have no scale b/c I think everything is better than my school. So Im'a post stats of my school and hope that y'all will do the same. </p>

Location: Suburban Midwest
Number of Students: roughly 50
Majority of Students Matriculate to: 1. Yeshiva University (for guys)/Stern (for girls); 2. University of Michigan (though the U of M trend is beginning to end)
Avg. ACT score: ?; I know that this year the senior class of approx 20 kids has these ACT scores in their pool: 18, 15, 17, 26, 30
Avg. SAT score: only score (of a senior) I know is 1520/2400
Number of Clubs: 0 (there are thee club type things but they arent really clubs nor are they electives; they're in this really vague area)
NHS: Yes
Number of Graduates that went to an Ivy: 1 or 2 (in a 36 year history)
Block Schedule? Sort of - two classes are blocked (on two days a week we have one class for two periods and on another the other class for two periods; plus - for sophs and juniors - there is a block of science at the end of the day twice a week)
Length of Day (including prayer and gym):
Frosh - MTTh: 730-430; W: 730-530; F: 730-210
Soph - MW: 730-340; TTh: 730-530; F: 730-210
Junior - MW: 730-530; Gym days (T for girls Th for guys): 730-530; Non-Gym days for either sex: 730-340; Fri; 730-210
Sports Teams: 1 (Basketball)
Newspaper (by students): No
Gym? Yes
Art Room? Yes, but intended for elementary students
Photo Lab? No
Science Lab? Yes
Sufficient Number of classrooms? No
Synagogue? Yes
Auditorium/Stage? No. Unless stage in synagogue is counted.
Video Monitors in rooms? No
PA System? Yes
Kitchen? Yes
Lounge? No
Library? Mostly elementary oriented. Barely any high school literature, unless yearbooks count :p
Music Facilites? Two broken pianos that need to be thrown away</p>

<p>Number of AP's offered: 1 (bio) (Last year Lit, USH, and bio were offered)
Grades (what I know) on last year's AP: Lit: 4,4,3,3,2,2,2; USH: 2,3,5; Bio: 2,5
Diversity: 100% Jewish (not all American though)
Where did last year's class get accepted: Community College, College in Israel (Bar Ilan), Yeshiva University, Seminary and Yeshiva in Israel, McGill, U of M - that's what I know
Does School Rank? No. Does rank really count if you're ranked out of 20 or less? Dont think so!</p>

Quality of Teachers: Mediocre, but steadily improving (there are def more and more gems in the bunch every year)
Quality of Students: Much potential - much wasted potential
Organization of Events/Schedule/etc: Poor
Relationship with teachers: Very close and personal; they live in our communities; we see them in synagogu; know us on first name basis
Quality of Administration: Mediocre-Poor
(not exactly subjective/ more speculative): Economic Level of Student Body: Middle->Upper Middle Class
Quality of Opportunities offered by school: Poor - Failure
Emphasis on College Preparation (e.g. learning to write essays well, learning calc, etc): Poor
Quality of College Preparation: Good/Getting Better
Quality of Depts:
Social Studies: Went from great to horrific
English: Superb
Math: Improving Rapdily, but much damage has been done for those soph and up, wait a few years, will see marked improvement
Science: Good
Quality of Sports Team: Some potential + bad coach=poor
Beaureacracy Issues: Horrendous
Bldg Upkeep: Good
Quality of Guidance Counselor: Unhelpful</p>

<h2>Overall Grade of School: C- (slow...very slow improvement; but some areas deteriorating)</h2>

<p>so that's it for me i wanna hear what are other people's experiences.</p>

<p>I'm not going to list all that stuff you did, but my high school was pretty good. About 500-700 students about 40% went to ivy-caliber schools. Out of the top 10%, almost all of them get into an ivy or standford/mit/caltech. The school building very new with facilities and everything. very good sports teams with a lot of clubs. Basically if you wanted to start a club of your own, you could if you had a teacher who would supervise. Most teachers teach more than one subject so there is a possibility that you can have a teacher for more than a semester or a year. It isn't ranked in the top 100 or even 1000 high schools because it doesn't force everyone to take APs but the school offers about 8 APs. It's a public school in a rural area, in a pretty affluent town. Only observable weakness IMO is the math program which only goes up to AB. School is pretty small. The minimum size for a class is 2. Usually about 10-15 students per class.</p>

<p>Just because I'm procrastinating...</p>

Location: International (n.z)
Type: Public
Number of Students: 2000+ but about 100 apply to the US
Majority of Students Matriculate to: From DePaul, to harvard
Avg. ACT score: ?; No act here
Avg. SAT score: From the handful of ppl I know, 2000+
Number of Clubs: Like.. a million... realistically, like, probably.. umm 80?
Number of Graduates that went to an Ivy: In the last 4-5 years, 3.
Block Schedule? No
Length of Day (including prayer and gym): (no praying..) 8.30-3.00
Sports Teams: umm like 30+?
Newspaper (by students): No</p>

Gym? Yes.. gymS
Art Room? Yes.. art roomS
Photo Lab? Yes
Science Lab? Yes..many
Sufficient Number of classrooms? Yes
Synagogue? ......whats that?
Auditorium/Stage? Yes
Video Monitors in rooms? No
PA System? No
Kitchen? Yes
Lounge? Yes
Library? Yes
Music Facilites? Yes
Number of AP's offered: 0
Diversity: Pretty diverse: 30% asian, 60% white, 10% other. We often get many exchange students from all over Europe too.
Where did last year's class get accepted: HYP, duke, u mich, nyu, etc..
Does School Rank? No. </p>

Quality of Teachers: 30% amazing, 60% mediocre, 10% dullards.
Quality of Students: ..above average
Organization of Events/Schedule/etc: Poor this year because this year's seniors suck (yay us). Last year was great. Next year will be greater.
Relationship with teachers: EC teachers + students= great relationship. Subject teachers + students = not so great. we dont like them. they dont like us.
Quality of Administration: Really good.
(not exactly subjective/ more speculative): Economic Level of Student Body: Middle->Upper Middle Class
Quality of Opportunities offered by school: Great
Emphasis on College Preparation (e.g. learning to write essays well, learning calc, etc): Poor
Quality of College Preparation: Great</p>

<p>Quality of Depts:
Social Studies: Great
Math: Ok
Science: Ok - not so great
Quality of Sports Team: Some are Top X in country
Beaureacracy Issues: Ok
Bldg Upkeep: Great
Quality of Guidance Counselor: Very very very very very unhelpful.</p>

<p>Overall Grade of School: A- / B+</p>

<p>Why not...</p>

Location: Suburban
Type: Private Catholic prep
Number of Students: Around 750
Majority of Students Matriculate to: Stanford, Santa Clara
Avg. ACT score: ?; Dunno
Avg. SAT score: It's 1900+ this year
Number of Clubs: Around 10
NHS: Nope
Number of Graduates that went to an Ivy: An Ivy Leaguer or 2 every year, but someone always goes to Stanford (not an Ivy of course, but def. a top school)
Block Schedule? Nope, rotating
Length of Day: Um, 8:10-2:35 on most days
Sports Teams: Hah. We have varsity bowling, among the other standards
Newspaper (by students): Yep, and I'm editor-in-chief :)</p>

Gym? A gym..in shambles
Art Room? Yes, 2
Photo Lab? Yes, 2
Science Lab? 4
Sufficient Number of classrooms? Yep
Synagogue? No, but a chapel
Auditorium/Stage? Cafetorium...haha...Cafeteria/Auditorium
Video Monitors in rooms? No, creepy!
PA System? A crappy one
Kitchen? Students aren't supposed to use it, but we do... Chocolate cake anyone? :)
Lounge? We did, but it got shut down because kids smoked in there
Library? Yes
Music Facilites? No
Number of AP's offered: Around 6-8 I believe. Because the classes are already rigorous prep courses, we're only allowed to take a max of 2 AP's a year. 3 if you qualify and write a letter of intent, get permission from the board...etc.
Diversity: Around $8000 a year, so sadly there isn't much diversity. The small number of minorities (like me) are there on scholarship.
Where did last year's class get accepted: We had 7'1 twin basketball players recruited (and attending) Stanford for basketball. I don't remember any of the schools, really, except for Santa Clara (we're like a freaking feeder school!) and the UC's - mainly LA and Berkeley.
Does School Rank? Sadly.</p>

Quality of Teachers: Eh. So so. Once we drew from the Sisters/Brothers teaching us, the quality definately went up. Not to say that religious shouldn't teach, but in our case it wasn't to our benefit.
Quality of Students: Well, its a college prep school so everyone fairs pretty well academically, but sadly there's a lot of pretentiousness, rich daddies and sophomores driving BMWs
Organization of Events/Schedule/etc: Terrible
Relationship with teachers: I have a great relationship with my newspaper advisor and yearbook teacher and English teachers, but if you're bad at math, the math teacher won't let you forget how much she hates you!
Quality of Administration: Good this year, does anyone else attend a Christian Brothers-run school? Much better this year now that we're back under their administration. Christian Brothers could be another reason why we send so many to Santa Clara...
Economic Level of Student Body: Upper-class, unless you're on scholarship.
Quality of Opportunities offered by school: Bad...bad bad bad. College prep schools don't offer too many major-specific electives. Just straight-forward classes like physics and calc.
Emphasis on College Preparation (e.g. learning to write essays well, learning calc, etc): Well...College prep is in the name...haha
Quality of College Preparation: Great</p>

<p>Quality of Depts:
Social Studies: Really good
English: Amazing. Our teachers could easily be teaching at NYU, Columbia or Ithaca. They're amazing. And they've attended those schools.
Math: Ahhhhhh. Not my subject. Can't tell you without bias.
Science: Wonderful!
Quality of Sports Team: Pretty decent
Beaureacracy Issues: Bad
Bldg Upkeep: Alright, but we're updating a lot this year
Quality of Guidance Counselor: Ugh! Terrible! I did pretty bad the first 2 years of high school, but made it up through independent study and am now doing <em>stellar</em>. But my guidance counselor is really discouraging and tells me I have no future in college and gives me looks of pity everytime I ask about college! Terrible, terrible.</p>

<p>Overall Grade of School: B-</p>

<p>thanks so much. this is quite a range to start with: an international public, a rural public, anda catholic prerp. keep them coming! gosh i wish we could submit something like this to colleges; then they could really see what was and what was not available to studnts (although the subjective stuf would have to be done by someone (some people) who are more official). also, i never knew that schools had more than one science lab or more than one at room. this is quite an interesing thread IMHO ;)</p>

<p>Two other things:</p>

<p>1) in contexxt of how you guys are grading your schools ive decided to lower my schools grade to a D
2) When I Say "Quality of Opportunities Offered" I don't mean major-oriented/vocational stuff. I meant research; teachers willingness to assist in research or contest entrances; clubs offered where you can flourish; notifications about new contests or opportunities wher students can display their strengths. The only good factor in my school is teacher willingness; though no one in my school has ever done research before, just entered writing contests.</p>

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