I'm doomed!

<p>So i did ED for Wharton...
my EC are excellent
SAT is not bad: 2230 (one sitting)
GPA: 3.95 (got 1 B junior year)
All AP classes
sports team captain
devoted musician...blahblahblah..
regional and national leaders for clubs and organizations</p>

I screwed up the October SAT IIs!!!!</p>

<p>ok, ready?
In June, I got
790 for US history, 710 math II and 620 french (gulp)</p>

<p>so i decided to retake math II (this time aiming for 800) and french in October...
but i got an illness 2 weeks before the test and was still sick during the test...THUS
I got 500 in math II and 600 in math I (I decided to take this on the spot) and 680 for french...</p>

<p>As a Calc BC student who recieved 5 on Calc AB and got 800 for math on SAT I, I don't think the scores were fair...
and if there was one reason why Wharton won't admit me, I feel like it's gonna be my terrible October scores...</p>

<p>should I explain to them my illness or just leave it?!! </p>

<p>please help!</p>

<p>explain to them for sure</p>

<p>Definitely explain to them! That 500 obviously shouldn't be considered, since you got a 710 the last time. They should be relatively understanding. Good luck!</p>

<p>im pretty sure they only look at your top 2 scores</p>