I'm freaking out I won't get into college PLEASE HELP!

<p>OK so I'm going into my junior year and just got a huge wakeup call when doing my final averages.</p>

<p>For 9th grade I was lazy and ended up with a 90.6 final aveage. This is unweighed but the only honors I took were english and spanish with regular math, science, and history.</p>

<p>For 10th grade I did a little better with a final average of 93, still only taking the two honors classes.</p>

<p>I realize I have to really step it up in 11th grade, I am taking AP history and AP english, honors spanish and regular science and math because it's too late to take honors.</p>

<p>I am freaking out I won't even be ranked in the top 25% (top 150 out of 600 kids) becuase everyone seems to have extremely high 90's averages and with their weighed averages after taking much more AP and honors courses, i can't even compare due to my lack of AP and honors courses. Their weighed average would be like 110, and theres no way i can compare to that.</p>

<p>I am hoping to get into decent schools like UCONN, UMASS, Universiy of Delaware, and Northeastern type schools, but now I'm thinking I don't stand a chance. </p>

<p>Do you think I'll get into any decent school?
Or did I totally blow it :(</p>

<p>You'll absolutely be fine! I don't know much about UConn or UMass but you're on track with UDel and Northeastern. Relax, maintain the upward trend and be well prepared for SATs.</p>

<p>you will get into college. those schools you listed look like good matches for you admissions wise.</p>