I'm freaking out; someone help me out!

So I applied ED2 to a school. The application deadline was a month ago on the 15th, and the decisions come out a month from now on Feb. 15th. I just realized I haven’t sent my ACT yet. I sent some earlier in the year and must have forgotten to send the rest. I emailed my admissions rep. If I send them tonight, how long will it take to get there? Thanks so much.

You haven’t received a notice from the school that they don’t have your ACT? That’s odd.


The why not send it and see if it helps you? It’s supplemental information and will be treated as such.

I’d email them the score if you didn’t tell them already in the application, and send it. Unless their website says to wait to sand until accepted (a few schools do this – they let you self report, then pay to send if you get accepted).

I would email them to let them know that you just realized the oversight. You can send them a copy of your score report (unofficial) that you can download, and order an official one to be sent to the school ASAP