I'm from India and I dropped math. Can I still pursue a degree in finance?

Please suggest me if maths is needed and if then what can I do now

What math courses have you taken?

What year are you in high school?

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I’m in 11th but i dropped maths in 9th and 10th too

But as @thumper1 asked, what math courses have you completed? And which schools are you applying to?
Are you looking to get any financial or merit aid or are you fully self funded?

Most colleges are going to expect finance students to have taken math at least through precalc. A few colleges expect calculus, and it will be a plus even for the ones that don’t. If you haven’t taken at least through precalc, you will not be adequately prepared to enter college as a finance major.

So what can you do about it? We don’t know what options are available to you. Can you start catching up on math at your current school? Can you take summer courses?

Another question I have is why you dropped math in the first place, and why you now have decided to do finance. Did you drop math because you didn’t like it or it was difficult for you? Finance is a heavy math major. Are you sure it is a good fit?


So will you be finishing 11th grade in December with NO math courses taken?

Most colleges here recommend at least three years of high school math. Some recommend four years.

Can you complete 3-4 years of high school level math before you graduate? What options are available for you to do so?

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I dropped maths because I have dyscalculia and I am interested in finance that’s why I thought it would be a good fit for me

Finance is a math heavy major, so you may want to consider a different major instead. Unfortunately, interest and ability don’t always line up.

Have you looked at any particular U.S. schools yet? What is your budget (without taking on large loans)?

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So can you suggest any other major in relation to business commerce or economic

Idts I would take a loan as my brother and my sisters had also gone to study in UK US and FRANCE

As I said on your prior thread…

I don’t think completely missing a core subject like math will be acceptable at any US college.

If you want to check the requirements for any particular US school you can google the college’s common data set and look at the required/recommended HS coursework.

In addition I don’t expect finance (or any business major) would be great if your dyscalculia is so severe that you felt you could not take any HS math. At any accredited business school you will need to take a business core curriculum that includes: math through calculus, two accounting courses, as well as other classes (ex. finance, economics, statistics) where math is required.

You might want to start looking first for schools that support students with Dyscalclia and Dyslexia. Those schools may provide extra support and advising for students with LDs.

I don’t have any direct knowledge on schools but recall a previous discussion a few years back around the program at Marshall. That may be a good starting point but I’m sure there are others that can provide some first hand advice.

You might want to change the subject or start a new topic on “Colleges that support Dyscalclia”

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Why not fill in your gaps in math first before you worry about your long term career? Econ is math heavy. Most business topics involve some math- even if you don’t need to be a math genius. But at some point you’ll need to be able to read a pie chart, interpret basic statistical data, understand earnings per share, figure out if a companies profits are going up, down or sideways, or understand the impact of a 3% increase in the price of a raw material. This is all very basic HS math!


Are you saying you didn’t do any math at all in high school? Did you get a special exemption?
I just asked a colleague who’s from India and is familiar with the education system there and he too was surprised because he says math is required at least in grades 9 and 10.

I think they are all going to have a significant math/statistics component. You’re going to have to search for something else but you’re likely going to have to deal with at least some math I think.

Not sure what “idts” means but are you saying your siblings are studying abroad and there’s no money for you, therefore you’re going to take a loan? Please be careful with this approach. Have you looked at how much college will cost?

Business and economics both use math. All business schools that I’m familiar with require calculus. It doesn’t matter what your major is within the business school. My daughter was an economics major and she was required to take calculus and several of her upper level economics courses used calculus in the courses. If you have trouble with math, these majors are not for you no matter how interested in them you think you might be.

Are you planning to apply to the US universities because your siblings applied to schools outside of India?
It sounds like you don’t care what the major is, as long as it doesn’t have math and that it’s in California or London?
I think you are out of luck.

I don’t know of ANY comprehensive university or college, in California, that will admit you without formal math courses. Plus, the universities in California are extremely popular and extremely competitive. Without any math courses, you would not be considered competitive for admission to the 4-year universities.

Ditto for admission to a finance or business major at any respectable college in the UK or India.

OP - waiting for your clarification on how much math you’ve actually completed.

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Thank you

I’m saying I won’t take a loan

In my school in 9th and 10th they give you a subject called comercial studies If you drop maths