Im from Miami. Chances of survival at Syracuse?

Ive recently been accepted to Syracuse, which is great, but i'm a little worried about the winters. I heard there can be up to 4 feet of snow Mid-January. I got accepted to some schools in the south, but I have always loved SU athletics and it does have a great academic reputation (I want to get into communications). Should I let the fear of freezing to death deter me from going there? Does life still go on at Syracuse even with 5 feet of snow on the ground (i.e.-do people still go out and party?)??</p>

<p>"Does life still go on at Syracuse even with 5 feet of snow on the ground ?"</p>

<p>omg, yes!! everyone bundles up and treks to parties everywhere; plus Syracuse plows like no other;</p>

<p>my daughter has a non 4 wheel drive car; drives all over the place during the winter there but would never think of it here at home.....</p>

<p>yes, it's cold...bundle up, buy a good pair of'll be alot of people go abroad for one of their winters so you only have 3 there...</p>

<p>have fun!!</p>

<p>We're from Florida and my daughter just graduated from Syracuse (Newhouse). The winters are cold and long, but you get used to it. And everybody still goes out and has fun. Some winters are worse than others, and some are longer than others. And what's really nice being from Florida is that you get that nice long winter break to come back to Florida and warm up, so it isn't that bad. Get a good warm Northface coat or jacket (my daughter got a terrific coat from Eddie Bauer this year, and was actually too warm), get practical boots instead of fashionable, learn to layer, and enjoy the seasons. Oh, but if you take a car sophomore year, practice driving in the snow in a parking lot before you try on the streets. My daughter did spin out and hit a guard rail! It just takes a little practice.</p>