I'm from the UK... wanna go to the US

<p>Hey I'm Jonathan and I'm 17... I go to school in the Uk (although I'm Chinsese) and I'm not entirely familiar with the education system in the states. I see lots of people posting "stats", so here are mine: (what do you think my chances are for unis like stanford and princeton and MIT. what other good engineering unis are there. I know of Northwestern and Cornell.. but that's about it... I want to do materials science and engineering, or maybe chem eng.) thanks a lot!</p>

<p>GCSE: 11 A* in (math english language english lit phy bio chem history geography spanish chinese music)</p>

<p>top 5 in country for history GCSE</p>

<p>predicted grades at AS level: 6As</p>

captain of house football, tennis and basketball.
captain of house debating (don't know if you guys know about the house system over here..)
honorary academic scholar
honorary music scholar
awarded a ATCL diploma (distinction) for music from the Trinity College of music
shortlisted to top 25 in the country for Hobsons International Boarder of the Year Award 2005
active in community service group, rugby club.
represented my school (as the only school from the UK) at the Swiss Model United Nations 2005.
Don't know what stuff american unis view as important...???</p>

<p>haven't done my sats yet (doing some of them next week): though they're not too hard, should get about 750 in SAT 2 math, phy, chem. should get 800 on SAT 1 math and over 700 on writing and english.</p>

<p>My parents can just about afford full price uni, although I do have an American passport (since I was born in the states) and can apply for financial aid though I shouldn't need it...</p>


<p>some extra stats:
1st clarinet for school band
member of choral society
member of school piano trio</p>