i'm getting OWNED by calculus quizzes

<p>exactly like the title says!!!</p>

<p>some of them are on calculus, some of them are on fundamentals ( pre calc topics ) usually around 4 problems, long or short, some graphing, 5 minutes time limit</p>

<p>i do very well on tests (95% score +), but the quizzes hurt my average</p>

<p>i need to study harder for this class, or else it's going to be my only B this year, and that doesn't look good, since its junior year</p>

<p>any suggestions for solid review material? right now i have a pre calc review book from REA: "super review, all you need to know"</p>

<p>btw, this is calculus BC AP and i got a 96% average in pre calc honors last year, i dont kno why i'm getting a B in math, this has never happened before in my life</p>

<p>please help...many thanks in advance</p>

<p>You don't need review material, you just need to practice working quickly.</p>

<p>You need to work on going quickly, though I do find it hilarious when a math genius can't figure out a solution to such an easy problem</p>

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<p>yea, ur probably right</p>

<p>Practice, and put a lot of effort into focusing on the subject material. Another reason quizzes sometimes are more damaging to your grade than tests is because they're so short...at least they were in my Calc class. Miss a few and your grade significantly drops. Definitely be very careful and don't rush.</p>

<p>Yeah, and say the rules to yourself over and over again such that you shall wake up in the middle of the night and scream 'The derivative of sin(x) is cosine(x)! The derivative of cosine(x) is -sin(x)! The derivative of tan...'</p>

<p>nah, my teacher doesn't appreciate memorization, so he wants us to understand everything instead, so we must have the knowledge to be able to derive everything.</p>

<p>actually, if someone could do me a favor and recommend a really good calculus text to study from that is not as compressed as my current book.</p>

<p>are there any out there that have many examples which aid comprehension?</p>

<p>i dont mind if it is big, because i wont be taking it anywhere, only for some independent study</p>

<p>(high school calculus BC ap)</p>

<p>ARCO Master AP Calculus AB & BC is money. You can seriously self study BC Calc (without prior calc knowledge) and still get a 5...no really.</p>

<p>i second haithman on arco. i talk calc bc last year and was scoring pretty badly on tests. then i got arco and i got an A in the class and a 5 on the test. best prep book ever for ap calc.</p>

<p>do you think they are going to release a 2004 edition? or should i just try to get a copy of the 2003 edition, by library or bookstore.</p>

<p>calc is calc get the 2003. Im not sure if they 2004 has come out yet</p>

<p>^that was a major bump</p>

<p>but of course</p>

<p>forget the extra prep material.
do your hw solidly. read the chapter in your textbook 5 times. breathe math.</p>

<p>single-variable calculus Stewart, brown-tan cover book</p>

<p>Mine's red</p>