I'm going here next year

<p>As a joint enrollment student. I'm excited.</p>

<p>Same but as a full time undergraduate freshmen. Probably majoring in Bio.Pre-Med</p>

<p>Actually I'm going as a full-time freshmen. I'm graduating early and we'll be one of the youngest in the class. Probably majoring in engineering or intl. affairs.</p>

<p>Oh the stormy petrals are so quiet!</p>

<p>I have been accepted to Oglethorpe and I will be attending in the fall, has anybody out there got the e-mail talking about the SOAR, or better yet can anyone that's been there tell me anything about the school? I would be extremely grateful</p>

<p>I attended Oglethorpe for 2 years before transferring to Johns Hopkins, and they were the best years of my life!! The school is small enough that you can stand out, the profs are fantastic, and its close enough to all that goes on it Atlanta to feel involved, but still safe.</p>

<p>MY daughter is interested in looking here. Any info, especially the education dept. Are there lots of out of state students? Thanks</p>

<p>Thought I would try again. Do girls attend parties at Georgia tech and do guys from there take courses at Oglethorpe?</p>

<p>Do you know how the joint enrollment/Accel program works? I am a junior right now and I want to do it at Georgia Southern University.</p>