I'm gonna die of a nervous breakdown

<p>HAHAHA - right there with you, tgrlil88</p>

<p>i hate when people make that argument: about how undergrad doesnt matter
obviously it does or we wont be here in this situation
Are you telling me the first 18 years of my life are for nothing</p>

<p>anyways maybe im overreacting</p>

<p>Are any of you guys feeling like throwing up if you think about the decision too much? I am</p>

<p>I could not concentrate in school AT ALL...one of my teachers actually got mad at me becasue she called on me to asnwer a question...and I didn't even know what she had been talking about for the past half hour since I was thinking about the JHU app...I had actually made a T-chart on my AP Bio notes and wrote down the strong points in my application and weak areas...</p>

<p>This is getting really bad...I don't know how much more of this I can take...</p>

You started listing the pros and cons of your academic career just now?
I did this right after turning in my JHU app, in an attempt to relieve my stress, which it did a lot. (in AP calc of course)</p>

<p>I just rate my
and i put average, good or great
and try to admire myself</p>

<p>Pretty freaking pathetic if you ask me</p>

<p>how did prodigy get in?!...ok, maybe that's mean, but he or she doesn't even have 1900...and...errr...for MIT? yeah that's really really absurd. could it be a fake post? </p>

<p>how can someone get an UW GPA of 4.02? that's not possible, is it? i say it's a scam ^_^</p>

<p>Numbers aren't everything. I'm sure there were some extenuating circumstances.</p>

<p>11 dartmouth 7 columbia</p>

wow!!! everyone (4 ed) got deferred from dartmouth, including 2 recruits, and one double legacy.
and only 3 columbia.
wow what school do u go to???</p>

<p>wow.. yea thats amazing</p>

<p>i have an idea: let's all post on the jhu msg boards, so that we won't have to wait for CC traffic!!</p>

<p>omg 2 got accepted to harvard today, they were screaming their heads off lol</p>

<p>I think the fact that we're on a college discussion board reflects that we're not exactly the typical students ;)</p>

<p>are you an ED applicant, too?</p>

<p>oh. so, yeah- harvard! 1 accepted, 3 deferred</p>

<p>ohh yeah, 2 more deferred from harvard from my school......
BTW how do you access nonCC jhu forum?</p>


<p>One of my friends got into Harvard! We plan to join hands and sing "Kumbaya" tomorrow.</p>

<p>YAY for friends of friends that got into harvard!</p>