I'm gonna die of a nervous breakdown

<p>hey guys-</p>

<p>as we approach the JHU ED notification date, i've been seeing rejection letters left and right. i swear within 10 min. on AIM, i knew of 5 people who were rejected from their top choices. i signed off b/c i couldn't take it anymore. i know this thread is pretty pointless, but i just wanted to ask you guys if your friends have been getting accepted to their ED choices.. best of luck to everyone!</p>


<p>p.s. i love jhu</p>

<p>I go to a small suburban school, so the people here are not very ambitious. Accordingly, very few applied to top-notch schools. So I guess my answer is no. I'm not hearing anything about my friends being rejected from their top schools.</p>

<p>Anyway, you've waited probably more than a month for Thursday to come by, whats 3 more days?</p>

<p>My friend's boyfriend got in to MIT today....thats nuts. One of my friends got in to NYU. Nobody else heard back yet, but penn finds out on wednesday night so many of my classmates will me flipping out while i'm just waiting to go home and see my email on thursday.</p>

<p>my friend (a pointguard of our varsity bball team), she got recruited/accepted to Columbia for bball as an engineering major. my other friend jus got notified today that he got accepted into Amhearst. ALOT of ppl applied early to Harvard, Yale, and Stanford from my school....should be interesting how that comes out....esp since one applyign to harvard and another applying to stanford won 3rd place at Siemens Nationals....(they did a two man team research)</p>

<p>none of my friends heard. only two of them EDed anywhere. the rest of my friends are just applying to state universities and they're all top 10% so they don't have to worry about getting accepted. man i'm so nervous about getting my results on thursday too.</p>

<p>my school's getting slaughtered this year.
so far, only 3 for columbia, 1 for brown, 1 mit (yay, my really good fread), and 1 wellesley has gotten in...this is bad cuz like 9 applied to columbia and brown each. yep, we're dropping like flies, my school's going downnnnnnnnnnn (we were like 2nd in nj 2 years ago)
this is terrible news for me. if i dont get at least deferred i'm prob not gonna come here anymore out of shame...</p>

<p>So far one has been recruited by Stanford, one for Georgetown and one for William and Mary. The seven or eight people who applied to Brown ED just found out. And one is in MIT. We've got too smart a class this year.</p>

<p>^^ This is the kind of thing that makes me jealous. At my suburban public school, we rarely get people into those schools, let alone even apply. The most prestigious school anyone has matriculated recently is Cornell. We have never had anyone go to Dartmouth, and in the past ten years, one person has gone to Harvard, and another to Princeton.</p>

<p>our class is supposed to be smart too, and no ones getting in anywhere.
from what ive heard, its cuz colleges are holding out cuz they got better applicants from our school last year during rd. this sucks, cuz last year during rd, there were like 6 people from my school who applied to jhu as a "safe match" who all ended up going to harvard and yale...if jhu expects people like those applying ed, im screwed beyond belief.</p>

<p>wow, nanaijuh. last year, we had 2 to yale, 1 columbia, 1 stanford, 1 wellesley, and i think that's about it. the year before that, it was something like 2 caltech, 1 mit, 1 stanford, hmm i don't remember...</p>

<p>but yeah, our school has approx 360 people in each class, and our whole school has something like 1200-1400 people?? </p>

<p>dang...3 columbia? that's quite a few....</p>

<p>our class is INSANE this year...a ton of EA yale, stanford, harvard, a couple columbias, cornells- i hope they get in!!!!!</p>

you guys should go read a thread from MIT, because they're getting their decisions today (mostly)
its really hectic it seems, seems very exciting too though</p>

<p>one guy chased around a mail car for awhile to get his decision lol</p>


<p>Whoa, craziness. Thing is, I've chased the post office vehicle around before... and some other cars. Which reminds me of a hit and run in elementary... where I got hit and ran away because I was going to be late for class.</p>

<p>Oh, those were the days. :)</p>

<p>my school is dying too, 1 acceptance to columbia so far, 1 to UVA, 2 to Layfayette,1 to Pratt .. and we're one of the top 10 schools in jersey (i think) we're waiting for 15 of our UPenn ED's today.. and then a whole other bunch on thrusday.. including JHU <em>~</em></p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?p=1537604#post1537604%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?p=1537604#post1537604&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>look at prodigy.. thats impressive</p>

<p>isnt penn tomorrow? my friend applied, shes sooo scared cuz legacies at penn suck</p>

<p>this is insane. How on earth are we going to make 48 more hours? My hands have had that annoying tremor for the last day and a half and i know it's not getting better... ahh! i am getting more and more scared. I looked at Dartmouth and Columbia's decisions, and the insanely high SAT scores caused a convulsing fit. aka, successfully eliminating me from the applicant pool with my mediocre-ish scores. ahhhh! can't handle this. breathe...</p>

<p>ohh, and my aunt went to Penn, and i was told that kind of makes me a legacy which they said "significantly increases my chances..." Legacies make me crazy.</p>

<p>The doctor that i did my research internship went to was JHU alumni! would that be legacy kinda? ehh. Anyone else apply for the Wilson Research Grant?</p>

<p>yeah, my school (so far) has 1 brown, 1 columbia, & 1 wellesley. not so hot. a lot of people applied to penn and they find out tom. night!!</p>

<p>oof.. right.. penn's tomorrow</p>

<p>btw.. do you guys think we're making too much of a fuss for an undergrad school? obviously grad schools are more important and my gc that all that differs in undergrad schools is the quality of education (duh.)</p>

<p>nevertheless i feel as if i'll crack if i don't make jhu.. are we just too involved in the transition from hs to college and not thinking of the future? does the undergrad school really matter? is it just the lifestyle we share, checking CC and enjoying conversations about colleges? is it worth it to cry if we don't make our first choice colleges?</p>

<p>whats the purpose of life?!</p>

<p>anyway, 2 days. and counting</p>