I'm having second thoughts

<p>I was recently admitted into Tulane's School of Architecture, which I am so thankful for but now all of a sudden I am having doubts.</p>

<p>I've always known that Syracuse has a top ranked architecture program but I never really considered it because it's so far away from home (I live in the panhandle of Florida.) Recently I checked collegeboard out of curiosity and found out that SU's SAT scores were in the perfect range that mine fell into with Tulane's being about 100 points more than what I made.</p>

<p>I'm just worried because I don't think Tulane would be a right fit for me academically. I'm also worried because SU is about $5,000 a year cheaper than Tulane and I could be getting a better arch education for a cheaper price if I move far away. I'm not saying that Tulane is awful, but I'm just not sure if I'm living up to my full potential or getting the best deal for college.</p>

<p>I know it's bad to judge on the rankings but I can't help it because the difference seems so significant.</p>

<p>Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from all perspectives: students and adults alike</p>

<p>I think you should reconsider the way you judge a school's academics by the student body's average SAT scores. Especially considering that the SAT doesn't test you on art history, or designing buildings, or even civil engineering, you shouldn't see the SAT as the measure of your academic aptitude. Have you taken campus tours of both colleges? Or rather, have you visited the architecture dpmt/building and talked to the students/profs?</p>

<p>i have been to tulane and visited their school of architecture. i wasn't too impressed by what i saw, but i kinda settled with it for the time being. i looked up the faculty lists and saw that most of tulane's faculty got their degree from that school, while syracuse's faculty graduated from various design and arch schools form all over the nation and abroad. from what i've heard, many SU graduates get good jobs right outta college because it has a regional prominence.</p>

<p>i guess you could say i'm judging more on academices, but i'm thinking i'd benefit more at SU. this is a big decision so i'm just trying to find reassurance that i'm making the right choice</p>

<p>sounds to me like you need to visit Syracuse - the professors being mostly Tulane grads at Tulane isn't good, but the SAT and ranking things don't mean very much- especially because neither of those things have much to do with the education of an architect. To better understand the decision you have to make I would visit Syracuse and talk to their students / faculty. good luck</p>

<p>recently i've visted the syracuse campus. if you can deal with the brutal weather i would recommend you to try for syracuse instead. syracuse is nationally known for its architecture program and it is highly competitive within the school. in comparison to tulane when you leave syracuse you have a much higher chance of getting hired and a better chance of getting a higher salary. even though the requirements to get into syracuse isn't really high, to pass their classes is relatively difficult even if you had a 4gpa in high school. syracuse doesn't look for students with really high grades they look for students with a "creative mind" therefore, applying to syracuse relies heavily on your portfolio.</p>

<p>i was born and raised in the south, so hot weather has always been prevailent in my life. i've never seen snow or been outside when the weather was any lower than 35 degrees fahrenheit. despite my floridian upbringing, however, i have always felt that i belonged in the north. the culture, the lifestyle, everything just fascinates me. i'm sure the year-round cold weather will take some getting used to, but i can adjust.</p>

<p>for the longest time, i thought tulane was my first choice beyond all other schools. but now i'm looking at things from a different perspective. from what i see, SU's arch program is much stronger than tulane's as far as creativity and design go. not to mention, tulane's arch building was so bland and white inside, which somewhat worried me because i was thinking that architecture is an explosion of art and materials. i guess on my visit, i just kinda settled for it even though i got that "something doesn't feel right" feeling.</p>

<p>SU also has a fantastic fine and performing art program, which is also important to me because i'm a violinist of 10+ years. they also give talent-based scholarships, and tulane does not. i am also a minority, which gives me a chance for another scholarship that tulane doesn't offer.</p>

<p>it's actually too late for me to apply to SU this school year, so i guess i'll have to start in tulane's arch program for now. my deposit for tulane is due on dec. 1st, so there's not much i can change at this point. i guess i can just wait a year and see how tulane goes. then i can decide if i still wanna transfer to syracuse.</p>

<p>any other thoughts and comments? i need lots of input!</p>

<p>LOLL seems like i've just met a friend on this site =) thank you for your reply. applications r like killing me and i feel that my SATs are kind of low.. so yea.. its been stressing me out. the only problem with applying to syracuse is that i heard the environment isnt so great. Syracuse</a> University (StudentsReview) - <- according to this person, im not too sure if it is the safest place to go. however, for architecture it is very strong.</p>

<p>haha, yeah!</p>

<p>i was never a good SAT scores, but i made it up in GPA and EC's. students review kinda worries me a little, as does theU. but i'm not one to believe something or someone until i do it myself. tulane is in new orleans--- the murder capital of the world. and though i've never walked thru the campus at night, it feels VERY safe. there is also 24 hour security. </p>

<p>comparing the 2 cities, i think new orleans is much more interesting. but first and foremost, i think you should go to a college for the strength of your major. i'm still somewhat regretting accepting tulane's admittance, but i'll have to get used to that feeling for now. if you're really passionate about arch, i'd say go to syracuse! i don't want someone else to make my mistake</p>