I'm Here To Answer Questions


<p>Well, I'm a freshman at Sarah Lawrence College from India and I'm happy to answer all your questions for you. Ask me anything and everything even if it is stupid as hell.</p>


<p>Hi Sahil, Im a Vietnamese applicant :), and im planning to apply to SLC under the EDII scheme. Can I just say it's great that I can ask for advice from an applicant with the same international background as me. I have some questions that I hope you can answer from the perspective of an international applicant :)</p>

<p>1, Im planning to apply for financial aid. My family can probably contribute about 25k/year, even though I would have to say it's really a stretch, so i hope you can understand that I'm aiming to get as much financial aid as possible without jeopardizing my chance at SLC, cos I really really want to go there. So can I ask whether the amount of contribution my family can make will make a difference? Like whether a guy whose family can contribute 30k has an edge during the admission process over a guy with the same qualifications but whose family can only pay half that amount? And of course Im asking about the criteria set for international applicants :)
2, For the supplement essay, Im going to pick the first question, which asks me to design my own independent project. I have looked through the format of some of the current projects and decided on the subject Im going to research about. However, I dont really know how to answer this question. Do I need to provide information on how I would carry out my project? Or how I arrived at this idea? Or the information I have already gathered? Or the limitation? I hope you can kindly tell me what information I should put in my essay to answer this question.
3, I heard that SLC is kinda homogeneous. Do u happen to have any problem with that? </p>

<p>I really appreciate your help (:. I hope that I can talk to you more and know more about SLC, because nothing, even all the students'reviews and brochures, beats real-life stories :)
Thank you so much:D</p>

<p>I REALLY really want to go to slc but my gpa sucks. really sucks. Its so perfect for me cause i want to go into writing and i love english and reading. If my essay is really good, could i get in?</p>

<p>Hi, I'm also a First-Year Student at SLC. I saw that this thread was abandoned, so I hope I'm not treading on anyone's toes when I answer your questions quickly.</p>

1. Aid is based on how much your parents make. The poorer you are the more aid you're going to get. Right now, I'm on one of the best aid packages, and I have to pay 10k a year. SLC does not consider your ability to pay as a part of the admission process. They do not care if you are rich or poor.
2. I remember that question. We had it last year. I remember freaking out about it for days because I couldn't figure out how to address it. Approach it however you think is best. I basically summarized my paper in the sense that I wrote the really short version of the conference. I'm sure by now, you've come up with your own way to write this essay. Just have fun with it. The first few times I wrote it, it was really contrived and just awful. Work with it. Whatever feels right is right.
3. By homogenous, do you mean white or hipster? My roommate is from Puerto Rico and I have a few friends who are of color (I'm half hispanic). They came from less diverse schools (everyone was the same race as them) so it's a bit of shock for them. Now, the hipster population here is quite high. However, NYC is so close and readily available that even if you were to get sick of the "homogeny" of campus, you can go to the city for a break. (I apologize for the long-windedness of that response). </p>

First, all hope is not lost. SLC looks at your essays before or at about the same level as your gpa. Having said that, write a killer essay and, if you haven't already, interview. If you're on the line interview. The interviewers are amazing. Relax, be yourself, and hope for the best. I wouldn't let a crappy gpa keep you from applying. You still have a chance.</p>

<p>Hi i have a question please!
Do all applications have to be POSTMARKED by January 1 or RECEIVED by that date?
please answer ASAP thanks youuuuu</p>

<p>Thank you hopefulsoul for your responses, I sure hope that I can see you next year on SLC campus:) I have submitted my application, but I havent received any confirmation email yet. Am i supposed to get one?
@nighttrain: It's probably late now, but I believe the application has to be postmarked :)</p>

<p>So sorry I forgot about all of this but I'm back now and here to help you decide whether or not you want to go here or not cause all the applications are in by now.</p>

<p>You should have received some sort of confirmation email by now.
Any other questions guys?</p>


<p>My daughter was accepted to SLC--one of her top choices. Now she's freaking out--not sure if SLC is the right place. We are going to visit classes next week. She is worried about the smallness of the school--worried about getting "claustrophobic", a bit worried that she won't fit in--she's very poised, but not interested in being a "hipster". She wants to study cultural anthropology and psychology. Definitely wants to spend time in NYC...any thoughts for her????</p>

<p>Many thanks,</p>

<p>her mother</p>

<p>Hello howtofind,</p>

<p>Congrats to her on being accepted. Do come visit and sit in on classes. If she even wants, she can do an overnight stay. It is not claustrophobic at all. In fact, on the weekends (except at night) it gets kinds empty. People spread out and go into the city and enjoy themsleves.</p>

<p>I know many people who aren't hipsters but still love this school. I'm probably one of those as well. Studying cultural anthropology will be great and we do have like 3 professors who are amazing in that field. Plus, where else can she combine cultural anthropology with game theory and alchemy? </p>

<p>Spending time in NYC is one of the easiest things one can do when being at SLC. We are only like 25 minutes away from Grand Central and there is a weekly free van that goes from SLC to the Met. You just gotta sign up early though. I'd say for sure come to SLC.</p>

<p>Any other questions? I'm happy to answer them.</p>


I've been accepted as a freshman to be a part of the Class of 2015.
However, we all know that SLC is THE most expensive school in the whole of America.
I've been offered some aid, but not nearly enough to afford SLC.
My parents are non-profit workers and I have 4 younger siblings.
I'm almost 28,000 short. I'm not sure what to do.
SLC is my first choice, but I don't think I can attend it if that is all i receive with my SL gift aid, pell grant, work study and loans included.</p>

<p>Should I write an letter of appeal to the financial aid?</p>

<p>I really do want to attend this school.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>A letter of appeal is seriously like the only thing you can do. Do it fast.</p>

<p>Silly question. Do students have tv's in their rooms? Is there cable?</p>

<p>Nope. Students do have tv's in their rooms (some). Mostly it is to play dvd's and play video games. There is no cable in the rooms unless you bring rabbit ears. There are a couple of places on campus that is first come first serve and has direct tv service.</p>

<p>Honestly speaking, what is the nightlife like? I really like the idea of being close to Manhattan, but I would also like to be able to go to campus parties and events if I prefer. I've heard that it can get pretty dead on the weekends?</p>

<p>No. Not all all. I mean a lot of people do go to the city on the weekends but there is an event every Friday and Saturday night on campus and also most Thursdays and they are mostly well attended. You will find a different crowd each weekend and sometimes they can get crazy. It's pretty fun if you're back on campus. Lots of events on campus and things to do. You do notice the difference in the number of people who are on-campus but you can find a lot and still enjoy your time.</p>

<p>We were at the Admitted Students Day on Monday and I was struck by how arty and hip everyone seemed. My question is, if you're not completely into theatre/art/music, would you be a fish out of water? Every student on the panels seemed to be a theatre person or a writer- there was only one panelist who had a bit of a science background so perhaps we came away with a very skewed perception of the place. Or perhaps that's the SLC world - everyone is an artist. Anything you can say about how a non-artsy person would fit in would be helpful. My student is a singer but that's not his primary identity and I wouldn't want him to be a social pariah if greatest value is placed on the arts - which is definitely the impression we came away with.</p>

<p>Can you tell me about quiet housing? My son likes the idea of being able to sleep, but doesn't want to be with kids who only want to sit in their rooms.</p>

<p>No not at all. I know the main focus isn't science but we are working to expand the science department this year and every year from here on. I have a few friends who are doing pre-med here and they really like it. Also, a bunch of other people do maths classes cause it's a requirement for application to their graduate school and they love it. </p>

<p>Also, I'm not a theatre or art or music person. I'm mainly focusing on writing. So it's okay if you aren't that into theatre/art/music. A non-artsy person would fit in pretty well from my experience. You would definitely not be a fish out of the water. As for making friends, it doesn't matter that you aren't artsy. You can make a ton of friends and be really happy at this school.</p>

<p>As for quiet housing - after a certain time of the day (I"m not sure the exact time but I think it is like 6-7 PM, the dorms are quiet. Meaning the volume level must be kept down to a minimum. No parties happen in quiet dorms. Some dorms are 24-hour quiet dorms. Yes, your son will be able to sleep and will not have to be with kids who want to sit in their dorms.</p>

i have just been admitted to SLC & i am planning to major in the sciences since more job opportunities are available in the science field. Does SLC have a good chemistry/bio department? Are the sciences in SLC recognized by graduate schools?</p>

<p>In terms of student employment, can you tell me where the past year alumni have been employed in? Also I am an Asian student from Myanmar; would I have problems fitting in with the students at SLC?</p>

<p>Hello! I'm going to be jointing SLC this fall as part of the new freshman class, and to be honest i'm trying my hardest to get out of there as soon as possible. I made a grave mistake applying ED, and i have a feeling that it is definitely not the place for me, some of the information on the orientation schedule made that quite clear to me. Though no matter what i do have to stick out the year due to my ED agreement and such, i was trying to scour the website and i found it very very difficult to answer some of the questions that were burning in my mind. Since you are an international student there, as am I, then i would hope that you could probably help me out with some of these questions.</p>

<p>I come from the Middle East so i kind of have to have everything packed and ready to go before coming to NY, i am in a triple room in Hill House, but there is nowhere on the site that gives dimensions of important things such as bed, closet, and desk sizes. Do you have any experience in saying how much clothing the wardrobe can handle? In addition, i was wondering, what is the international community like in SLC, i have understanding that it is very small and unsure of how i will fit in. Although i am half american and half indian, i have never spent more than a month of vacation in America so i am unsure of how to fit into such a culture... did you find the transition easy?</p>

<p>OOHH and one more thing that i've been wondering, around how many classes will you have per semester, i've been trying to put together a stationery list, however i'm having difficulty determining how many notebooks etc.. to bring with me. </p>

<p>thank you so so so much for your time and sorry to bother :)</p>