I'm I going to take too many AP classs?

<p>Hi! So this is my first time posting. I'm a freshman right now and I might be planning to take 15-18 AP classes. My grades range from A- to A+ in every subject, so I'm generally a good student.</p>

<p>I got to take high school courses in 8th grade and accelerated.
I took:
Honors Algebra 1
Earth Science
English 9
French 1</p>

<p>My current high school schedule is:
Honors French 2
Honors Geometry
Symphonic Orchestra
Honors English 10
Global History 1
Health(1st sem.)/ Journalism(second sem.)
Lunch :)
Study Hall/ Bio lab/ PE
Honors Biology</p>

<p>In my sophomore year, I'm planning to take AP Environmental Studies, AP Biology, and AP U.S. History and I'm also planning to take AP Psych through CTY
In my Junior year, I'm planning to take AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP U.S. Gov. & Politics, AP Music Theory, AP Statistics, and AP English Language. And I'm taking AP Micro and Macro online.
In my Senior year, I'm planning to take AP Comp. gov. & pol., AP Euro. History, AP Calc BC, AP Comp. Science A, AP English Lit., and AP French.
(I didn't put all my classes in or else this post would be way too long. I will have all the prerequisites required to take those classes with summer school and other classes. Also, I'd schedule some classes in place of my lunch period.)
Is 18 AP's over the top? Will I have time for sports like Cross country? And will I have time for friends, extracurricular activities, community service, etc.?</p>