I'm in 7th grade

So I’m in 7th grade… I know it’s kinda early to think about college(idek where I’m going for high school) but I would just like to know what my chances are… Do in my school we have hometown classes and switch classes our switch classes are 7.1 7.2 and 7.3 I’m in 7.3 which is the “stupid” class and my average is probably about a C and I have ADD my comprehension is above average… But my memory is well below average and if I study it doesn’t help I want to be a nurse for cancer patients what are my chances

seriously don’t worry about college at such an early age even if youre in a crazy competitive environment you will go crazy (trust me I did)! There is so much time to worry about that later on just relax for now! I know that’s not what you wanted to hear and it probably doesn’t help but trust me youll be fine don’t stress (yet lol)

You haven’t yet done any of the things you’ll be judged on for college…so…0%? :stuck_out_tongue: Just keep doing as well as you can!

I agree with the other poster that you shouldn’t stress too much, but I’ll also try to offer some practical tips. What sort of study methods do you use? It’s possible whatever you’re using/being told to do doesn’t work for your learning style. And that’s OK. If there are tutoring resources available to you either at school or outside of it, talk to your parents about availing yourself of those. Getting extra help can help a lot, especially if you find someone who shows you some new study methods that “stick” for you.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help. That’s what they are there for. If you’re struggling with specific concepts, talk to them… even if it’s after a test to see what you did wrong. Some of them may be open to extra credit, as well, so you can boost your grades. And please don’t think of your class as the “stupid” class! I’m sure that isn’t the case. Some students just need more intense, hands on teaching, and that is A-OK.

Specific to nursing, it sounds like you’re interested in helping people, which is awesome. See if you’re old enough to do some volunteering, maybe at the local hospital, or even an elderly care home. It would be something you would enjoy, and would be a nice extra-curricular activity for later, too.

Since you haven’t started high school, it’s hard to say what your chances are. What I will say is, you are smart for thinking about college this early. I wouldn’t stress and obsess over it, but it seems like yesterday I was in middle school and now I’m an incoming senior. I struggled with ADHD in late-elementary and early junior high, meds helped a little. If you can, I would find a math tutor. That is one of my biggest regrets, since I got C’s and D’s in middle school math and had to repeat algebra freshman year. Try to have others help you with time management skills. It will help you more than you realize. Just don’t give up because you are in a lower level of math. It seems like you care and you probably have a lot of untapped potential. Lucky for you, you have a lot of time to realize it. It might take extra effort to get those high grades, but it will be worth it. Hope this helped in some way. It just pains me to think of someone making the same mistakes I did. Good luck in your high school career!

two words: Chill Out.

I don’t think I knew what I’d take in 8th grade, let alone college plans.

Before thinking about college plans, you should just focus on doing well in school, since a lot of topics build on each other, and your HS grades and understanding will suffer if you don’t have a sufficient background beforehand. For example, I’ve tutored a couple of calculus students who had a very weak algebra background, and it is difficult.

There are multiple ways to improve memory. Do a few puzzles or memory games. Eat a diet rich with antioxidants (including lots of fish), and get enough sleep.

I teach in a middle/high school (grades 6-12) with 3 academic tracks.

And every single one of our graduates goes on to college, every single year.

So, as of right now, you chances are pretty much whatever you want them to be. There is a college out there that’s right for you.

But if you want to open up more doors— have a broader choice of colleges, maybe get somebody else to pay some of it-- there are things you can do.

You’ll want to start by bringing that C average up a bit.

You say that studying doesn’t help. I’m going to rephrase that: you haven’t yet found the way of studying that DOES work. How do you study? Let’s say that tomorrow you have two tests: a history test that’s all about memorizing dates and names, and a math test that’s on HOW to do things-- say adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

What do you do today? How do you typically study for those two different types of tests?

(There’s no right answer here. I’m asking to help you figure out what method works for YOU.)

When I teach math, here’s what I do: I do the first example or two. Then I write the word “Process.” And we go through those first two examples as a class. How did I know what kind of problem it was? What did I do first? Then what did I do to get to the second step? How did I get to the third? And so on.

I don’t usually give my kids the answers here; I ask the questions and write down their answers.

So their math notebook becomes kind of a user’s manual. Try it today with some of your own notebooks. Instead of just copying down what happened, try writing down (in a different color ink, or on a post it note on the page, whatever seems to work) HOW the problem worked. I think you’ll find that studying for your math final is a whole lot easier. Try it for your next test, if there’s one left in the school year.

How about that history test… how do you memorize a lot of facts? What works for me is to write stuff down. (Like if someone gives me directions, I write them down. Then I can sometimes lose that piece of paper-- writing it down works for me.) For some people, what works is saying the stuff aloud, over and over again-- they need to hear it.

Spend some time this summer figuring out what style learner you are. It will be time well spent-- you’ll find that next year’s grades come up if you can just figure out what type of studying works for you.

I was thinking about college at this time too, and it’s awesome that you are thinking ahead! You shouldn’t stress about that now. Maybe you didn’t do so well in middle school, but you have a chance to start over in high school! All you can do is your best, and everything will work out. Trust me on this!!

Good luck with everything!!