I'm In...now I can't decide whether to go here or not

<p>I got accepted to VT and George Mason, my top 2 schools. I've visited both schools and I love the atmosphere at both but I still can't decide. I think a big factor is the major, at Tech I'm doing Biochem. and at Mason I would do Neuroscience (which I find more interesting), but I would like to apply to med/grad schools (maybe) in 4 years and I'm thinking VT would give me a leg up b/c it has a better name than Mason. Also, a good portion of the college-bound in my H.S. class is going here and I really hate the idea of dealing with all of them again. </p>

<p>Sooo...I guess my real question is how did you decide to go here and why?</p>

<p>I can tell you (because I live 5 minutes away from GMU) that GMU is a fairly average school overall. If you want the full college experience go to tech; that is why I have decided to go there.</p>

<p>I agree with the above comment. You will most def have a more all around college experience if you go to tech with its sports and large campus. I live a few minutes from mason and I will say that it does have a major positive depending on what you are looking for. Mason is only about 20 minutes away from Washington DC and about 10 minutes from other cool cities in Arlington. If you want more of a city life then I would look at Mason. If however you want the traditional football teams, beautiful green campus and a larger name then I would definately look at tech</p>

<p>If you are considering medical school, you will need to think about a lot more than sports at your potential college. VT is great in that it publishes data - go to the Career Center and look at postgrad plans by major:</p>

<p>Virginia</a> Tech Post Graduation Report: Welcome!</p>

<p>For last year, NOT ONE biochem major went on to medical school, so while it is possible, odds are against you. More important than major is to look at the pre-med advising program at each school. How will they help you achieve your goal?</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I could transfer into GMU right now, with a 2.5 gpa, maybe a 3.0 gpa at the end of this spring semester. But I'm not, I'm gonna try for spring at Vtech because unfortunately their admissions deadline arrives long before my grades do.</p>

<p>I live, 10 mins away from George Mason, and believe you me, it's a commuter school. People go, they leave. </p>

<p>Do Vtech. Vtech maybe about as rural as they come, but it's more of a school atmosphere because of that.</p>

<p>oh wow I looked at the data for VTech. a lot of biochem majors do grad school though, but i can't see how taking biochemistry as my major would prevent me from getting accepted to medical school as long as i keep my grades up?</p>