I'm in Pardee Tower, Do I need a Vacuum?

<p>I'm wondering if I need to bring a vacuum with me or if I should buy one when I get there. Can you even bring food up to your dorm? Is there carpet?</p>

<p>lol this is a cute post :)</p>

<p>-you don't need a vacuum, you can borrow one from the front desk in the lobby
-of course you can bring food up to your room, this isn't 3rd grade summer camp
-yes there is carpet, but i would recommend a small/med sized throw rug for the floor.</p>

<p>There is a mini fridge and a microwave in each dorm room -- but they're just there for decoration; you can't have food.</p>


<p>do the dorms actually have a mini fridge/ microwave?</p>

<p>yes, every single dorm/suite room in USC has a minifridge/microwave</p>

<p>I wasn't being sarcastic about the fridge/microwave part. Ughhh.</p>

<p>Try and remember -- you are ADULTS now and in college. This isn't elementary school. You can eat when/where/what you want, go to sleep where/where you want, stay up late if you want, etc.</p>