I'm late for housing!!! Help!

<p>Okay. I know I'm really stupid for doing this, but I absolutely had NO IDEA that I could apply for housing way back last year, and so I JUST got my housing contract done. </p>

<p>So here I am, and it's late march. Right now I'm super scared I won't get a dorm and I feel that I NEED to be living on campus my freshman year.
Can you guys recommend some ways that would boost up my chances of getting into a dorm now?</p>

<p>I thought about, if I applied to a FIG? Or if I got a roommate? Or should I just put Jester as my first?</p>

<p>What are the dorms least applied to?</p>

<p>Thanks so much for any and all help!</p>

<p>I talked to one of the people who admin for housing and food at UT last month and she told me that they don't run out of space and there is enough room even for people who apply late, it's just that you more than likely won't get the dorm you want unless it's Jester or something. Also I talked to another lady and she told me that the date that you do your housing application fee is the date that stays with you for the next 4 years when it comes to priority housing and what-not. Not to be negative, but just to let you know. But you should still get a dorm room.</p>

<p>So is it a disadvantage that I put a FIG dorm as my first choice?</p>

<p>I'm not sure about FIG dorms but I'm pretty sure that finding a roomate would increase your chances, depending on how early they put in their housing application fee. But I'm not so sure about your other options...sorry. :&lt;/p>

<p>I don't know how long its supposed to take, but I applied for housing about two weeks ago, and still haven't gotten a contract. I doubt they'll run out of room, but you can always live in a private dorm like the Castilian, which is what I'm probably doing. It's really not that much more expensive anyway</p>

<p>if your a freshman you have priority so should be straight</p>

<p>Living on campus is great.
They have always found room on campus for freshmen who applied in March.
To increase your odds of a great room:
if your roommate has a higher priority than you, your roommate's priority will be used, so find someone who applied last fall and room with them.
If you apply for a RESIDENTIAL FIG and you get in, you'll get a great room.
Your odds are good for Jester.</p>


<p>That's not true. Freshman get the lowest priority. All returning residents already got their room assignments weeks ago. They are guaranteed to not get supplemental housing, plus they are usually able to live in the same dorm, if not the same room.</p>

<p>As MidwestMom2Kids said, you'll most likely be able to live on campus, although maybe not your first choice.</p>

<p>@Sprintuser in another housing thread, i think it was one of those transfer threads they said FRESHMAN get HIGHEST priority, hence they are required to live on campus......</p>

<p>That's actually not true. Freshman can choose wherever they want to live. There are many freshman that live in the private dorms (Dobie, Castilian, or Towers), which are mostly filled with freshman. There are others that live in apartments or somewhere else off campus.</p>

<p>I think it is that among new students, freshmen have the highest priority, and a freshman with a late date is chosen before a transfer with an earlier date.</p>

<p>The vast majority of those living on campus are freshmen. Most UT student who lived on campus as freshmen move off campus as sophomores.</p>

<p>o thats cool, but a thats what it said , and what do private dorms operate like an apartment? seems like they would be expensive</p>

<p>No they are dorms-you have one roommate and share a bathroom with another room. They're small-definitely dorm sized, but its not too bad. I'm probably staying in the Castilian next year, and I just sent in my lease agreement and if you pay in one lump sum its $8600 for the year, and the cheapest you can get on campus is $8180, so its really not that much more expensive</p>

<p>I reccomend you just stay in a private dorm like Dobie. The price is about the same (it gets REALLY cheap come June, so cheap that there suites are cheaper than a normal room at Jester). You get your own bathroom, housekeeping, free printing and its location is quite great (not far away at all...)</p>

<p>Mavsgirl is right that the private dorms do have space later than the ones on campus. You should check out Castilian, Dobie, Towers. BUT I haven't heard of pricing going down before.</p>

<p>Towers discounts its rooms in late July/early August. At that point, though, not all types of rooms offered in Towers will still be available. As of now, early August 2010, there are still rooms available for move in at Towers later this month. (I think that Towers is over-priced but I know many people really like it there.)</p>

<p>Dobie is also running some sort of special right now. I'm not exactly sure what the special is, or what floor plan it is for, but I do know that they are offering a special.</p>