IM NEW TO CC.. can anyone help me?

<p>This is my 3rd time to change the storyline for my UC essay (prompt 1). I just don't have a clue on what I should do. Would anyone like to read my essay? Maybe you can even look at both my essays (prompt 1 & 2). Your pick. I just need some major help. Please and thank you. =]</p>

<p>I'll read them, send it over. Please tell me what the prompt is for each essay.</p>

<p>hey everyone.. so yea.. i really need help on my first uc essay.. please help. thank you.</p>

<p>send them over</p>

<p>im getting great comments from these guys.. i just need a few more people to look at my essay and tell me what they thing about it now. i need people to critique my uc essay fro prompt 1. the more help the better.. thanks you guys.. </p>

<p>(ohh man ohh man and im stressing out about this.. can anyone think of a good joke to help relieve some stress? it'll probably help a lot of stressed out people. thank!)</p>

<p>I'll take a look if you'd like</p>

<p>Sure, I'll read. PM it... and since I'm not applying to any UC's, please tell me the topic as well.</p>