i'm new to this...can you chance me?

<p>i want to go to Stanford, can you look over this and tell me if i have a chance/give some recommendations?:</p>

<p>Female. Half Korean Half Caucasian. Senior in Californian high school. Income 80K</p>

<p>already took (AP): AP Euro, APUSH, AP English Lang
already took (Honors): Geometry, Alg II, Trig/Pre Calc, English 9-12, Bio, Chem, Physics.
also took 3 years of Spanish.
going to take (AP): Calc AB, English Lit, US Gov, Econ</p>

<p>ranked #3 in the class. unweighted GPA 3.9 & weighted GPA 4.5+</p>

<p>SAT: 2090 CR 700 W 710 M 680 <should i="" retake="" or="" do="" the="" act?=""></should></p>

choreographer/teacher of Taekwondo dances for kids (2009-present)
went to Philippines as short-term missionary (summer 2011)
robot competition leader 2011
self defense/weapons demonstration member (2009-present)
Tae kwon do 3rd dan black belt
junior instructor in Taekwondo (2009-present)
church choir,orchestra, backup singer in praise team (2007-present)
bible study teacher (2010-present)</p>

<p>NSHSS member & CSF member (2009-present)<br>
ACTS external relations leader (2011)
^ those above are clubs</p>


<p>Golden Bear Pins - Science, English; 2009
Golden Bear Medallions- Spanish, English; 2010
Golden Bear Medallions- Mathematics, Science, History, Spanish; 2011
Golden Bear Plaque Winner- Physical Education; 2010
2011 Honor Guard
Dr. Mary Stauffer Junior 4.0 Award, 2011
National Association of Secondary School Principals, 2011
^ academic awards</p>

<p>Tae Kwon Do Presidential Champion Award, 2010
3rd Degree Black Belt certified by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation
9th Southern California Open 2010 Gold medalist (Sparring Division)
9th Southern California Open 2010 Silver medalist (Forms Division)
^ sport awards</p>

<p>I am planning to write about my severely autistic brother and my experiences teaching Taekwondo dances in my college essays. is that ok?</p>

<p>GPA is good.
Not sure of the awards, but sounds good.
Extracurriculars are good- focus on taekwondo as your most active role.</p>

<p>Your SAT could be better for a school like Stanford. 25% of kids prefer ACT over SAT (and vice versa), so look for and attend a free practice test by the Princeton Review or Kaplan on their websites.</p>

<p>What's your intended major? STEM classes tend to be super super competitive, and things like scholarships, internships, and research camps are nearly mandantory.
And what are your AP scores? There's no point in taking an AP class if you can't prove you learned the content.</p>

<p>what is STEM?</p>

<p>i didn't decide on a major...i'm clueless. </p>

<p>AP Euro 3, APUSH 4, AP English Language 4</p>

<p>thanx for your feedback :)</p>

<p>Stanford chance threads are pointless in my opinion. I know so many people who were denied that had above a 4.7 GPA, perfect SAT and subject scores, tons of awards and amazing EC's, and their stories in their essays were profound and heart warming. No one can tell you that you have a chance, because there is no way to possibly know. It is all about luck. So good luck to you and I hope you get in =).</p>