I'm Not Getting in Here Am I?

<p>Hi. Boston College is my dream school. I've always wanted to go here and when i was younger i told myself i was. However, this is not the case now. i just received my report card and it was an eye-opener. first quarter i had a 90.3 average, second quarter i had a 92.6 average but when it came to my midterms i bombed it. i studied hard but i just didn't do as well as i thought i would. i had an 82 average bring my first semester average to an 89.7... i take only one honors class... hopefully i can make it into APUSH next year but it's not a definite. i just feel like im never going to get in. i thought this school was the school for me. i mean it. i loved everything about it and now i don't think i can make it in grades wise.</p>

<p>grades arent everything...</p>

<p>Not with that attitude</p>

<p>Uh...a little more context. Class percentile means more than GPA. Plus, what high school are you attending. You can be in the 50th percentile at schools like Stuyvesant and get in some amazing colleges. So your numbers don't mean much unless you give us the proper context to examine them.</p>

<p>BC is a tough one to get into.</p>

<p>I have a friend whose son got into Wash U and Michigan, but not BC.</p>