I'm not quite sure what topic to choose?

<p>I'm not sure what to write about. I was thinking about writing about my love for marching band since it was one of the unwavering criteria that schools I was looking into had to have, but looking around, I'm not so sure anymore. Would I be better off writing about an extracurricular I like or a time in my life that changed me? The more I read, the more just writing about marching band and why I like it so much sounds childish on an admissions essay...</p>

<p>Are you talking about the common app main essay? Then write about something that's important to you, whether it be an EC or an event in your life. You want to be able to show your personality and who are as a person through this 500-words or so essay. The topic is your choice :).</p>

<p>There's also a college essay forum on CC, if you want to check it out as well.</p>