I'm planning on transferring already, but the ease of my classes so far is really scaring me.

Hello, this may sound silly but I’m legitimately anxious about my university not being challenging enough. I’m attending Longwood University in Virginia but have decided to transfer next year since as a computer science major, there are far more opportunities in both research and industry for me if I were to be accepted to GMU or VT. There wasn’t a lot of communication between me and my parents and they had me convinced that they wouldn’t pay for college so I had decided to go for the most affordable thing that also had a relatively decent reputation in the state. They end up saying they’d pay for room and board at the last minute, which SUCKS because I could have gone to a university further away and better fitted for my academic plans.

Anyway though, I’m scared that even for my first year, I won’t learn even a 1/4 of what people at STEM universities or larger universities are learning. I know many people transfer from cc and are successful but it just makes me worried since I feel like I’m shooting myself in the foot as someone who wants to go into research one day. I know it’s the first few weeks but my psych major friends at other universities are claiming that they’re reading 60 pages a week for each of their classes. I read more than that for my english and public speaking (it’s called citizenship but it’s about discussing different topics and learning how to speak in public, it’s a pre-req at my university.) but my compsci doesn’t even use a textbook and my math class is rather flexible, switching between textbook and just a slide show. This scares me since I really don’t want to be behind most other STEM majors.

Any advice? It is really starting to create a lot of anxiety for me. Sorry if I didn’t post this in the right section.

What is the name of the CS and math classes, and what topics are you studying?

How many weeks have you been in class?

When are you looking to transfer? If you know where, you can probably find the Freshman course expectations and textbook/syllabus on-line to see how it aligns. And maybe some self-study if needed.

It’s a good sign that you’re being proactive about it.

The title of my cs class is “Introduction to Algorithmic Design I” and my math class is “Discrete Mathematics”.

I decided to transfer to start next fall since I’d prefer to primarily use my first year college transcript. I would also think it’d be easier to transition if starting next year due to several reasons. I looked at the syllabus and it doesn’t look like I’d be too behind as it’s expected for me to have 8 credits for compsci and 6 credits for math by the end of my school year.

This week will have been my third week, with me having 15 credit hours. It’s too late for me to add/drop classes but I think I’ll meet the math requirements. The real question is if my current math classes will actually prepare me for other universities.