I'm Really Confused and Need Help

<p>So I am in a senior in HS with 2.8 GPA, 24 on the ACT and never taken any SAT II. I was planning on retaking the ACT and to take the SAT II (USH, World History, and maybe Math II)next year. Is that a bad idea because I was planning to go to Foothill or Deanza. I know most of the colleges I want to go to have really low transfer rate, but what do I need to make sure I have a good chance; besides studying hard and getting good grades? By the way, I'm interested in poli sci and international relations.</p>

<p>Colleges I'm interested in:</p>

<p>College Transfer Rate
1.Amherst 5.8%
2.Swarthmore 7.1%
3.Vassar 10.8%
4.Wesleyan 19.5%
5.Brown 10.8%
6.Skidmore 37.1%
7.Dartmouth 3.7%
8.Pitzer 26.7%
9.Claremont Mckenna 12.3%
10.Haverford 4.5%</p>

<p>Subject tests are just for when you're in HS, when you're in college, your actual college record is what counts.</p>

<p>Except for a couple of those schools, no one has a 'good chance' at them, they're reaches for anyone due to their low acceptance rates. And Brown is even harder than shown if you are planning to apply for FA as it is need-aware for transfer applicants.</p>

<p>Some of those colleges require SAT II if you a transfer haven't taken them yet.</p>

<p>I have checked the websites of each of these schools, none of them have an absolute requirement for Subject test scores for transfers. </p>

<p>D is the most strict but has a Transfer Testing Waiver which they are highly likely to grant since you're attending a CC:</p>

<p>[url=<a href="http://www.dartmouth.edu/admissions/apply/transfer/testing.html%5DTesting%5B/url"&gt;http://www.dartmouth.edu/admissions/apply/transfer/testing.html]Testing[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>

<p>A couple of others have stipulations for students attending at least 1 yr of college or attending a college that does not require test scores.</p>

I know most of the colleges I want to go to have really low transfer rate, but what do I need to make sure I have a good chance

You need to be honest with yourself. Nobody has a "good chance" at most of the schools you listed, with acceptance rates pretty much around 10% or so. I'm not saying give up on them, I am saying put effort into identifying schools that have higher xfer rates instead of just picking a few as "just in case". The odds are high that you won't be going to a school on your dream list. I hope one or more comes thru for you, but if not you ought to prepare yourself with a solid set of alternatives.</p>

<p>I was going to apply to UCs and CSUs as back up because I am from California and planing to you use assist.org to make sure I take all the right classes in order to transfer.</p>

I was going to apply to UCs and CSUs as back up

Could you point out the large schools on your dream list? It sure seems you have an vision of the ideal college for you in mind, not sure why you ignore all the rest of the schools in the country akin to those than a couple of large publics in CA -- but with higher odds of admission, no pricier than the ones you listed, etc (scratches head)</p>

<p>I don't know what I really want in a college because I have been told so many different things and I my mind can't choose between a research institute and liberal arts college. That's why I'm really confused because I want to major in political science and don't care how much money I make. Then I have other people who tell me to apply to this state school or this college. I don't think I know what I want anymore. Maybe it is because of my depression or me comparing myself to other people...</p>

<p>may i suggest george washington university also? its international relations program is highly regarded, and it has a higher transfer rate.</p>

<p>Sorry for dumping on you CC users, I'm just really stressed and don't want to make another bad choice in my life.</p>

Here's my 2 cents. </p>

<p>Stop stressing out about future colleges and where the best place for you might be, because it's premature, as a HS sr you won't need your transfer list for 2 years.</p>

<p>Right now you should be concentrating on working on your study habits and finishing your sr year as strongly as possible. If you do this, you'll be in great shape when you start college next fall and will be prepared for the transition. </p>

<p>Your goal in college is to do the best you can academically, while also getting involved in other activities, whether it's work, volunteering, sports, etc. In the winter of your soph year you'll then sit down and assess where you are and put together a realistic list of safety, match and reach schools to apply to. You're very fortunate to be in CA, where there are many options for you if some of the privates you're interested in don't work out.</p>

<p>I honestly think that you need to take this one step at a time in order to keep your sanity as well as realize the best results. Best of luck!</p>

<p>That has been the greatest advice anyone has given me, thanks entomom. I'll look into GWU next year and thanks mikemac.</p>