I'm really nervous and need chancing

<p>Upper Level Score Range : 500-800</p>

<p>Verbal Score 638
(Personal Score Range: 617 - 659, SSAT Percentile 37%)</p>

<p>Math Score 755
(Personal Score Range: 734 - 776, SSAT Percentile 83%)</p>

<p>Reading Score 662
(Personal Score Range: 641 - 683, SSAT Percentile 56%)</p>

<p>Total Score 2055
(Personal Score Range: NA, SSAT Percentile 61%)</p>

<p>Chances for Choate, Blair academy, and The Stevenson school
Play piano, soccer, football, chess, and basketball
African american
Applying for financial aid
Applying for 9th grade
All B's in my grades and a couple A's.
Good recommendations</p>

<p>Dude calm down. You can get into any University no matter which high school you go to unless it's downright horrible. People chancing you won't make any difference either; and people have never heard of these preparatory schools, because people generally are only aware of the schools around their area unlike Universities which are sometimes known across the country such as HYPS.</p>

<p>As you already know, your academic record (grades and SSAT) are just at the low end of acceptability for your preferred schools. </p>

<p>You mention soccer, b-ball, and football. I suspect if you have serious game there, you could be in contention. Never give up. Go for it! Just do not fall in love, have a backup plan.</p>

<p>will you please actually say accepted or denied. plz</p>

<p>Umm how is anyone supposed to know for sure? Wait for March 10th, and I guarantee you'll know the results. Good luck to you.</p>

<p>im asking for your objective opinion, keyword OPINION.</p>

<p>fine, you asked for it. At this point, with this info, probably a no.</p>

<p>Really? That doesn't seem very objective to me. Two AO's could have different opinions of what would happen to you- based on this tiny sample of yourself. Besides, since you're being rude, I'm not even giving you an opinion.</p>

<p>Good luck, anyway. Just know that no one can predict your "objective" chances.</p>

<p>Bye! I could care less of chancing.</p>

<p>i apologize</p>

<p>How good are you in sports? Are you applying for financial aid?</p>

<p>If you have serious athletic game, Blair might accept you. Choate is doubtful. Nobody here can tell you for sure. Life is full of uncertainty. Put your best foot forward, especially with your essays. Good luck to you!!!</p>