I'm screwed - What should I do?

This year, I’m taking a new class offered at our school: AP US & Comparative Government. This means we have to take both AP tests in May. However, I’m starting to freak out; We don’t have a textbook yet and we havent started any discussions or talks about the material or the test yet. We have been basically going over current events and a lesson on Political Science.

My question is should I worry about the AP tests at all? I’m a senior and I have absolutely no problem with this; My other classes alone have so much homework that another one would probably kill me. Do you think colleges will retake their admissions decision if I don’t do well on these tests?

<p>Yes, obviously you need to worry about the test. You aren't being prepared for it at all. Buy the AP test prep books and start studying. It is possible to pass the AP tests even if one doesn't take the course at all. One does, however, have to do lots of studying on one's own.</p>

<p>A college is not going to know if you pass or take the AP exam unless you send them the score. AP scores are not even mailed to you until mid July! There are many high schools that don't even require their students to take the AP exam; they just complete the course and only take the exam if they want to receive the college credit for the course.</p>

<p>As far as being prepared for the course; I can't believe that you don't have books yet. I would think at the very least, your teacher would be giving you handout to keep your class on track.</p>

<p>I agree with Pokey that the colleges aren't going to see the scores. If, however, you are counting on the tests to help you get advanced standing, then you need to do what you can to learn the material. You also can complain, and have your parents and other parents complain to the principal so that your teacher gets books and other materials.</p>