Im shifting from being a sports 'jock' to 'nerd'

<p>Freshman year I had an awful 2.6 GPA. Then sophomore year a 3.1ish. Then in the spring of sophomore year I started seeing colleges, and started to develop an interest in college, and soon realize the difficulty of getting in. Now my grades for first quarter had bumped up to a 3.5uw, 3.8w. Now I find myself starting to lose interest in hockey, which I've played for 12 years. Perhaps what's happening to me is similar to what was said about the chineese kids in the china thread "By the time they get to high school they loose interest in sports, and focus more on school." Is it bad that im losing interest in sports now?</p>

<p>If you don't want to play sports anymore, than it's such a huge commitment, particularly on the varsity level, that you definitely should not worry about losing interest in sports. GPA is much more important to adcoms than ECs. ECs can push you over, but it's the GPA that gets you to the brink of acceptance in the first place. If you find other activities to replace sports, that's great.</p>

<p>yes it's bad. given, having a higher gpa is great, but as you focus on strengthining your mind, you must keep strenthening your body so you don't become a fat nerd, but a sexy one.</p>

<p>No, everyone changes, it's much better not to think about this stuff too much and just do what you want.</p>

<p>its fine...girls like nerds</p>

<p>we do?</p>

<p>I personally prefer the hot country guy <em>as long as they are not hickish-believe me, theres a difference</em></p>