Im so Confused

<p>Right now I'm in a really bad situation. Due to some excruciating circumstances in high school, I was not able to attend a UC straight out of high school. I have heard it is hard to get into a medical school from a CSU (California State University). I'm currently in my sophomore year now at a CSU and my gpa is around a 3.3. I did bad my freshman year (2.9) but had a stellar fall semester. Is it worth it transferring to a cc then to a UC (University of California) if i am dead set on competing for medical school? I have completed 1 semester of Organic Chemistry, General Biology, and General Chemistry at this CSU, but will have to do my Physics, Calculus, and 1 semester of Orgo at a CC. Is that frowned upon? Thanks so much. BTW this CSU is based off a semester system.</p>

<p>your CSU gpa is stuck with you. So it wouldn't help much. I'd just work my butt off from now on if I was in your position.</p>

<p>If you pick up your gpa, get a solid mcat score, and pick up some extracurics I honestly don't think med schools will care if you came from a CSU or UC. Where did you hear that?</p>

<p>jdom24 is right. Now if you have a low gpa at a CSU there's no doubt they'll take a UC student over you.</p>