I'm so mad!!! Collegeboard didn't send my scores!!!

<p>So I sent two of my test scores to the college that the deadline was like a month ago and now I randomly checked collegeboard website it says my scores have 0 recipients. it ways my december score will be sent to the college. but I marked my november AND december scores to be sent!! now what will I do? Should I send my november score again????</p>

<p>I jus sent my scores again for 40 dollars. and it says SENT. but now i went to collegeboard website and it still says 0 RECIPIENTS for the scores I have. WHAT?????? Omg I'm so screwed someone please help me. Also, If deadline was november 30 and I send my scores december 25, will they delete my application?? :O</p>

<p>I suspect what you orginally did was go into your Dec test application file and designate a college as one of your free sends, and it showed that both your Nov and Dec test would be sent. If so, you sent nothing at the time you ordered. That free send designation applies to the Dec test and only when it is released will it and any prior scores be sent. The only way to have sent your Nov score was to go into your prior registration and pay a fee to send it.</p>

<p>You have now essentially done that and ordered your Nov score sent rush delivery. Your Dec score will not se sent under that order because you cannot possibly order the Dec score sent at this time. Now you better check the rules of the particular college because many state they do not accept rush delivery. Also, please name the college because you may be engaging in unnecessary acts. If the college accepts Dec scores despite having a Nov 30 application deadline (like the UCs), then what you did originally, by designating the college as a free send in your Dec test application file, was enough as the college will accept scores sent regular delivery when the Dec score is released.</p>

<p>As to showing a score has been received, that will not occur until the college has actually received it and acknowledged receipt which may not occur for a while (could be as long as a week to two weeks).</p>

<p>If you paid the application fee, don't worry. Colleges will notify you at least once if something(like your scores) are missing. So get things shored up on your end, send them if they didn't go through, and you will be notified if they didn't.</p>