Okay, so I took the December ACT test in yesterday & I noticed that one of my proctors told another peroctor that I changed one of my answers, but the thing is… I DIDN’T! I changed an answer during the reading test within the last 5 minutes if the test. They proctor may have thought that I changed my answer because her walked past me BEFORE the five minutes were called, & then walked past me again once the science test started. I am not angry with the proctor because he may have just been confused… & he nor the femal proctor informed me that the rest would be voided, nor did they give me the option to erase up to 25 answers. Does anyone think that my test was voided even thought I was not told? Do you think he was just trying to be sure? Or that he voided my test? Please answer soon!!

P.s. (after testing was over, the mail proctor identified my answer document separately and showed the female proctor the answer that he THOUGHT I changed)