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<p>im so stressed out about my essay. I've been crying for like 5 hours about it. =\ please help me</p>

<p>While still in grade school I was taught “wilderness survival” where I learned how to build a fire, how to catch, and how to cook my own food. I was taught how to create my own shelter, among other essentials for human survival. The school’s philosophy behind this training was that with each challenge comes a greater understanding of one’s self. As a result of this, I have learned to appreciate what each difficulty in my life has taught me about myself. These experiences also taught me to persevere, even when life seemed impossible. These two lessons have guided and fortified me through the many challenges I have faced in high school and will help guide me through the rest of my life.
I have learned how to survive academic rigors. While grade school had taught me to think critically and to be independent, it had failed to teach me the basics in traditional subjects. I then entered an environment that required me to know them, high school. At the same time, it was becoming apparent that I had a learning disability in math, so in many ways the odds were stacked against me but I persevered. I was tutored twice a week with two different people and studied endlessly. Eventually, the basics were under my belt which gave me the ability to progress in my learning. There was a new confidence planted inside me that allowed me to excel, not just in mathematics, but in every subject. As a result I learned that I could accomplish what I thought was impossible.
During the beginning of my sophomore year, disaster struck when my father, a struggling alcoholic, tried to strangle my mother. My “normal” family was being exposed for what it really was, a dysfunctional wreck. I struggled to balance school and the turbulence at home. I was losing confidence in myself. However, those same two lessons of understanding and perseverance directed me and with the help of a therapist, I learned how strong I was.
I now welcome challenges because they have helped form the person I am today. They have made me into an intelligent, motivated, strong, independent and confident woman. Whether it’s a family disaster, academic difficulty, or “wilderness survival”, challenges have taught me to never give up or give in. I have not only survived all obstacles put in my path to date, I have learned from each and every one of them. I now know that in the future, I will continue to do so with wisdom, resilience and optimism.</p>

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