I'm stressing, I need advice!

<p>So, I've signed up for the Jan 23rd SAT. This would be my third time taking it (if I take it).
The first time, I got a 2010 CR: 640 M: 690 W: 680
The second time, I got 1990 CR: 590 M: 690 W: 710
So, super-score is 2040 CR: 640 M: 690 W: 710.
I really really wanted to get at least a 2200 so I signed up a 3rd time. I thought I would study during winter break but I didn't. Now I'm thinking, should I take it again, or should I just use these scores and hope for the best. I also don't want the fact that I'm taking the test 3 times to work against me. So, should I just stick to the two and leave it at that, or do you guys think, studying my ass off the next two weeks and trying to get a higher score would be a better idea? Give me honest advice here please, don't screw me over. Also, I realize that the CC people are way more competitive than the regular applicant pool (or so I think) so keep that in mind too when (if) answering. Thanks.</p>

<p>I think taking the test three times might not look great, unless you actually score a good amount higher. Schools obviously prefer to admit students with higher scores, so if you can do significantly better next time it will probably be to your benefit. On the other hand, it is just a test. By definition plenty of people get in with below average scores, because they demonstrate other valuable qualities in their application. Is it worth it to you to invest that much time and effort for a third exam, or are there other things you could be working on to improve your application? Do you think you can score high enough that it will pay off?</p>

<p>When were the last two times that you took the test? Because if the first one was in, say, sophomore year, then I would definitely give the test another try. Three times is fine... especially if you end up improving a lot on your score.</p>

are there other things you could be working on to improve your application?


<p>by the way, are you a junior or a senior who has already applied? because if you are a junior then perhaps you should wait until the fall of next year to take the test again and focus on other things in the meantime.</p>

<p>senior already applied. took it first time in spring of junior year and second time in fall of senior year. but you know what, i think i won't take it again. yeah my score is not as good as a lot of people here, but i really don't think it's that horrible, so i've decided i'm done with SAT. i have other things to focus on too! but thanks for the input guys, appreciate it mucho mucho!</p>

<p>^Actually, I agree, don't take it again. If the last time you took the SAT was merely a few months ago then you may not improve that much by taking it another time. Congrats, you're done with the SAT! Enjoy life;)</p>

<p>Amen to that! hehe. Thanks again.</p>

<p>don't even worry about trying to get a 2200. honestly the scores are not the most important thing that they look at--it's the transcript and how well you fit the college that counts most. i applied ED and got in with a 29 on the ACT--they know that these dumb tests basically mean nothing except how well you can take the test.</p>

<p>^Oh, I doubt the "dumb tests basically mean nothing." In fact, they mean quite a lot if you're one of the countless "un-hooked", average high school applicant trying to get into one of the most selective schools in the country. But I do agree with you that there are other parts of the applications that are just as important. Congrats on your acceptance btw!</p>