I'm too scared to apply to the elite schools...

<p>Hiya! I'm currently a senior in high school -and quite a nervewrecked for that matter- because now is the time to prepare for the deadly admissions process! My parents are helping me so it's taking a load off my back but from the list we came up with, it seems like I'm only applying to 'safety' schools! Most of this is probably my fault since I was the one who was against applying to those prestigious, eloquent, top-of-the-hill, ace ace ace colleges...because...well...seeing as my test scores were horrible, my activities limited, and my GPA collapsed, I probably don't stand a chance! Additionally, I've been slacking off as heck these past years, so my teachers probably don't have very 'fond' memories of me.</p>

<p>But after reading the "Things I regret..." thread on CC, I became doubtful.</p>

<p>So far, the best school I'm applying to is Duke, but maybe I should include a few others just in case!</p>

<p>My previous ACT score was a 31 (very bad) but I'm re-taking it and pretty sure I can get it to at least a 33 (unless I have a nervous break-down again, haha)
My SAT was a 2060 (yeah I know >->) so I'm planning on just sending in the ACT score
I've taken one SAT II test so far: SAT II Bio E - score was 780
Took 5 AP classes my junior year, but destroyed my streak when I made a B in AP US History 2nd semester. I'll be taking 4 more AP's this year (plus AP Psychology...but that prob doesnt count). My GPA is currently (weighted/unweighted) a 4.47/3.97. Rank 6/518 (we have some reaaaallly smart people in my HS...lukily they're my friends, so at least I can boast about knowing Yale/Harvard attendees hurhurhur =3=)
Ahh...as for reccomendation letters...well...I've noted above...I don't think teachers like me :[
My activities are limited...I've done Youth Court, some school clubs, no sports YET, hospital volunteering and stuff...but no prominent leadership roles D:</p>

<p>I do feel I'm no match for those 2400's and 36's but.. fellow CC'ers, should I take a chance? Or will I be wasting my time? Your answers can save me a lot of time and money (any maybe even regret)!
Anything is appreciated!
Thank you for reading!</p>

<p>You're unique from them, and have good qualities that they don't. Everyone is different, and not everyone admitted to top universities have 2400s and 36s (and not all of those people are even admitted!). If, for example, there is a really great program at Harvard or Brown that you love, go for it. However, things won't work out if you just apply because they're top schools.</p>

<p>Ah thank you for replying :D I've been to their 'college information nights' and some of these places really do sound fun! But the thought of competing with geniuses always intimidates the heck out of me >-<</p>

So far, the best school I'm applying to is Duke, but maybe I should include a few others just in case!


<p>What should constitute the "best school"? The most highly ranked? The one that everyone else applies to? And what do you know so far about Yale and Harvard besides the admissions rate :)? I have a friend a year older than me who had higher ACT than you and a lot of interesting ECs like Intel international science fair, but she didn't even apply to any Ivy or any of the popular reach schools of this website, but instead chose a small college out in the midwest that she really liked from the very beginning because of its programs and so on. To this day she is having a great time and fully enjoying her college experience.</p>

I do feel I'm no match for those 2400's and 36's but.. fellow CC'ers, should I take a chance? Or will I be wasting my time? Your answers can save me a lot of time and money (any maybe even regret)!


<p>Definitely take a chance if you feel that you would genuinely like to attend Harvard, Yale, Duke, etc., because you never know whether you'll be accepted or not unless you apply. As for all the 2400ers... I attend Harvard and my scores are not that impressive at all:P (though they are certainly within range). Although high scores are always better, there's much more to an application than just scores.</p>

<p>OTOH, I think you are wasting your time because you're just applying to these schools for the name---- would you be happy in your future years even if you're accepted? Would you find yourself at home on those colleges' campuses?</p>

<p>Your chance of admission is 0 if you don't apply.
If you do apply, hey, you never know.</p>

<p>And a 3.97 is hardly a GPA collapse LOL. I had a 3.96 and got into great schools.</p>

<p>You have nothing to worry about GPA wise. You ACT could be better for the more selective schools but it is no where near "very bad."</p>

<p>You're suffering from "CC syndrome." The perfect scorers on here get into great schools, but there are MANY other students who get into great schools. I think you have a shot. Don't spend your life wondering "what if..."</p>

<p>If you have the money, apply wherever you want. If you don't, then apply strategically.</p>

<p>What's wrong with you? 3.97 is awesome, and a 31 is not "really bad". People like you tick me off.</p>

<p>Yeah I'd kill for a 3.97 GPA. I currently have a 3.72 with around 14 APs by the end of senior year yet I'm applying to Princeton, Brown, Hopkins, Columbia, Cornell, among others. </p>

<p>The only thing I would work on is: </p>

<p>Taking another SAT II Subject.
Getting your SAT I or ACT up ASAP.
Getting in extracurriculars!
Work hard first senior semester! You can ask senior teachers to write recommendations, too.</p>

<p>You're GPA is amazing,.. your SAT/ACT score isn't "horrible" so don't be scared! </p>

<p>I applied with the same SAT score as you and I'm attending Columbia now!</p>

<p>Apply to whichever school you like/love. Don't apply to highly ranked colleges just because they're prestigious etc, but 'cause you think you'll "fit" in well there and you feel the college has something special to offer. And don't stop yourself from applying just 'cause you feel you're not good enough.</p>

<p>If you don't apply, you'll never get accepted.</p>

<p>CC is intimidating. Don't think that because your GPA is a few hundredths below 4.0 or your ACT isn't a 36 that you're a surefire reject. That's not the case at all. Every year, plenty of applicants get into Ivy League and other top schools with the same stats as you, if not lower. For these cream-of-the-crop schools, admissions is not entirely data-driven. Admissions committees look at your application holistically - that is, they take into consideration special life circumstances, extracurricular activities, work and achievement outside the classroom, and personal qualities and character as exhibited through your essays. As an earlier poster said, your chances are 0% if you don't apply. So if it's truly something you wish to do, then go for it. However, I do agree with xrCalico that you best be applying to these schools because you're sure you'll be happy at them, not because of their placement on the USNWR college rankings. Prestige and happiness do not have a strong correlation. Personal fit and happiness, on the other hand, do. It's important to take all of this into account before deciding where to apply. Best of luck. :)</p>

<p>ACT isn't the only thing that decides your admission, and colleges sometimes admit people with 31s and reject people with 36s, it just depends on what else they have to give. Plus you have a good SAT II Subject test score. One B won't kill your chances, especially since your GPA is weighted and the B was in an AP class. You have a good class rank too, so don't be a perfectionist and pick another tough school, just to give it a shot. Try to get in on some good extracurriculars this year, too, and get leadership roles. Even if you don't, there's still reason to apply.</p>