I'm worried that my college will revoke my admission because of a +/- error

Here is the issue I Put B+ what I got in the class Instead of a B what it says Derectlly on my transcript as the School I’m currently at doesn’t do B+/B- and now I’m scared they will reject me for lying even though I’m not. Everything else is fine as I made this mistake with one class. I’m a worried Wort and now I’m Stresing out they will think I lied to get into my college of choice. I never thought colleges cared about +/- and just made everything just reduced to a/b terms regardless but now my stress is getting the better of me now that transfer time is coming and that stress is what lead to the discovery and increase in stress. What do you guys think? Am I working myself up for no reason and if it is a concern how do I rectify It? As I don’t want my plans ruined by such a simple mistake?

I’m sorry if this considered rambling or a waste of your time as I think I’m overthinking it and it will just be overlooked but this is my future and I don’t want anything messing it up. The last thing I want is to be rejected for such a small mistake.

First of all breath. It will be okay. You haven’t derailed your future. Breath. Someone else will be along shortly to also reassure you that you are fine.

If it’s really concerning to you and you’re going to stress more and more, why not contact the college admissions department and let them know of your error. You didn’t purposefully lie, you just put what your grade would have been as opposed to what is on the actual transcript. Mistakes happen. People get rushed, worry, etc. It will be okay. The colleges have seen errors before. It’s easy enough to rectify it. It will be okay.

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Obviously I can’t be absolutely 100% sure of anything, but I’m pretty sure that they will not revoke your acceptance. I think worst case scenario is that they will email you asking to explain the discrepancy, and then you just explain your side of the story! I was in a similar situation, but it all worked out.