<p>Dear ..........,</p>

<p>I am delighted to inform you that the Committee on Admissions has admitted you to the Class of 2009 under the Early Action program. Please accept my personal congratulations for your outstanding achievements. </p>

<p>In recent years, over nineteen thousand students have applied for the thirteen hundred places in the freshman class. Faced with many more talented and highly qualified candidates than it has room to admit, the Admissions Committee has taken great care to choose individuals who present extraordinary academic, extracurricular and personal strengths. In making each admission decision, the Committee keeps in mind that the excellence of Yale depends most of all on the talent and promise of the people assembled here, particularly our students. In voting to offer you admission, the Committee has demonstrated its firm belief that you can make important contributions during your college years and beyond. </p>

<p>By early March, you will receive an invitation to visit Yale from Saturday, April 26 until Monday, April 28. Our faculty and students have arranged a special welcome for you and we think the experience will be interesting and useful in helping you to make your final college choice. Of course, we would also be happy to have you visit at some other time and we hope you will make a special effort to do so if you will be unable to join us in April. </p>

<p>Especially if you cannot come to New Haven during the next several months, please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of help in any way. You will find our application booklet and our website (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;) a good source of information about college life and we will be sending you a course catalog in the spring to help familiarize you better with our academic opportunities. We are enclosing a statement about choosing a college that might be helpful. </p>

<p>You have until May 1 to respond to our offer. A complete admission packet will be mailed to you in early April. </p>

<p>We very much hope that you will decide to attend Yale, and we look forward to having you join us in September. </p>

<p>Yours sincerely,
Richard Shaw
Dean of Undergraduate Admissions</p>

<p>Sit back, close your eyes... IMAGINE.</p>

<p>(by the way, this is an altered Harvard letter that I got off their board)</p>


<p>I am getting a tingly feeling inside :|</p>

<p>ooooo!! thats sooo exciting!!!</p>

<p>...too bad i'll never see a letter like that from Yale...:(</p>

<p>I feel like I won't either... but you never know!</p>

<p>this is the closest I'll get</p>

<p>We all must think we have some,
even if the teensiest weensiest
shot at making it into Yale, or we wouldn't apply,

<p>Ahhh that letter is such a tease :(</p>

<p>It's called a reach school for a reason. Most if not all of us fit the standards- it's the question of squeezing past the 9.9% or 8.8 % or whatever the acceptance rate is</p>


<p>haha squeeze tight! :)</p>

<p>thats the letter Harvard used last year</p>

<p>I remember the deferral letter from Yale being fairly harsh last year. The best letter though is the one that you get if you get in RD after being deferred where they try to convince you that you should be proud of your accomplishment because you distinguished yourself once in the EA round (where I guess being one of the 65% that wasn't rejected is a huge accomplishment) and again in the RD round.</p>