immigrant ea applicants?

<p>are you an immigrant who has applied ea? long have you been here...what are your stats like??...i'll post mine soon!</p>

<p>came over in 1994 from Vietnam to escape poverty and homelessness. 10 years. stats are decent</p>

<p>i came here 3 years back...good grades/scores...i'm worried about ecs though...i don't have that many...and few that stand out...anyone else feel the same way???...what are y'alls essays about?</p>

<p>oh my ECs stand out on a national level, so I don't have that problem. Being award an NIH research grant is like surpassing a lot of Principal Investigators (PhD) in the nation. I didn't write my essay on the immigrant experience that's for sure. It's so cliche</p>

<p>I moved here last year. Right now I live in Texas. I just did my interview this Saturday...
The only national level EC for me is being invited to our U-16 international soccer team when I was 14...
one of my essays was about the immigration but I completely avoided the stereotypical immigrant essay about cultural conflicts and language barriers...</p>

<p>BTW, I have a question about the interview. Are the interviewers supposed to tell you about your chances? Are they supposed to ask you about your SATs?
Are they actually our application "advocates"?</p>

<p>no idea, but take the interviewer's evaluation of your "chances" with a grain of salt. they can ask you about your SAT and of course they're your advocate. they're not out to get you, dear.</p>

<p>hey guys--</p>

<p>hmm i didn't know writing about experiences was a stereotypical essay?? is that like writing about experience of learning english or something?? if anyone could elaborate that would be great.</p>

<p>i think it's kind of sad when you're writing about experiences very real and sincere to you that so many people are applying it seems "stereotypical"...nothing against anyone but just a thought.</p>

<p>good luck to you all!! :)</p>

<p>ps--oh when I said experiences, i meant like the immigrant experience haha not just any experience</p>

<p>yeah i agree...when i wrote my essay i was cautious not to make it the stereotypical immigrant essay....but my essay isn't completely devoid of my problems as an immigrant...i mean...what if that is something genuine and says a lot about you...??? what if others before you have been thru similar problems...moving to another country in the middle of such a critical time as high school is a big deal...dunno..just what i think...</p>