Immunization & Health Form

<p>Um, am I the only person that hasn't filled this out? I didn't realize it existed until a few minutes ago, which is probably just a bad mistake on my part. I'll get it in next week, but I realize it was due a really long time ago--am I going to encounter any major issues because of this? It's odd the university didn't send me an e-mail or anything saying that it was overdue!</p>

<p>As long as you get it in before you start classes and all that, I think it'd be fine. I think if you don't have it within 30 days of class starting, they pull you out or something like that, but don't quote me.</p>

<p>likemythesis is right; if you haven't turned in that form (and that you have received the required vaccinations) 30 days after classes start, you will be withdrawn from the university. I turned mine in a couple weeks ago to find out that I was missing one vaccination booster that I was supposed to get every 10 years. Going to the doctor to do that as soon as possible! ;)</p>

<p>Was is the Td/tdap booster? I haven't had either in the past 10 years, too! Guess I'll have that scheduled for next week... Whoops!</p>

<p>yeah, it was! :)</p>

<p>I still haven't done mine either...i'll do it after ctops tomorrow.</p>

<p>lol I'm doing CTOPS tomorrow, too! :)</p>

<p>Uh, wow, is this the CC CTOPS session? because I'm also headed to Chapel Hill tomorrow!</p>

<p>Lol it would be super coincidental if we ran into each other! :)</p>