Immunization Records

<p>I ordered the immunization records from the pediatrician and they have arrived but I can't find the health form. What do I do now? Do I have to send them in before he goes?</p>

<p>I am pretty certain that the health form is a must. You don't want the kid encountering some bureaucratic hang-up before he even gets going.</p>

<p>The Medical History Form is found in your son's Admissions Profile in ISIS. Look at the bottom of the page in the paragraph about immunizations. Here it is:</p>

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<p>We brought our health forms to orientation. Have you gone to orientation yet?</p>

<p>We went to orientation in the first session. I guess I will just mail the form in.</p>

<p>Izzie, my D's form was fax'ed in and it was posted on ISIS the next day. These Hawks are very efficient!</p>