IMP: Info about Getting Scores

<p>The scores are in, but it seems they aren't coming in the screen that lists all your scores.</p>

<p>Just log out and log back in and you'll see a red button for "View Your Scores" in the organizer.</p>

<p>Good luck!! :)</p>

<p>Okay... it's disappeared??</p>

<p>talk about baiting as a marketing tactic...</p>

<p>i'm super tempted to dial that number now....</p>

<p>My S's is still there. Thanks for the info, I'd have never looked for the button.</p>

<p>is it on the organiser?
i keep logging in and out, refreshing the darn page but it doesn't appear! damn cb!</p>

<p>It was there for some time... believe me.</p>

<p>in how many hours will they OFFICIALLY be in?</p>

<p>yes they were there... same thing happened with me! 800 2c and 780 writing! i really hope they don't decrease!</p>

<p>haha... no i dont think so perfectdark</p>