Imp Q's- Not attending orientation

<p>I am going to major in Aerospace Engineering. Being an international student I cant attend orientation, so I was asked few q's by the counsellor out of which the following are unanswered. Kindly answer these q's.</p>

<li>What is the deadline to add and drop courses for the Henry Samueli School
of Engineering and Applied Science (HSSEAS) students?</li>
<li>Where do you go to ask a question about HSSEAS polices, procedures, course
planning, problems with enrollment, study habits, or just about anything
<li>Where would you go to find out about internships, resumes, and interviewing?</li>


<p>Please be patient. It is very early Sat. morning here and most people who would answer your questions are asleep. Hang in there!</p>

<p>ok no problem</p>