Impact of an A+ in an AP class

<p>How would an A+ in an AP class change somebody's impact on admission chances? Will it make you look much better, or will it simply just raise your GPA?</p>


<p>If its just one, not that much. If its a consistent amount, that obviously shows stellar work habits.</p>

<p>It'd make you look much better than someone who receives a "D"...</p>

<p>It's one data point in your overall package -- how much impact do you think it should impart? C'mon.</p>

<p>One A+ will have a negligible impact. Many schools don't even count it any differently from an A for GPA purposes anyway (which is ridiculous for schools that count an A- as less than an A ...).</p>

<p>Oh yes, it will make you look much better. Adcoms at the top schools will bow down and admit you. Nobody else in the country has ever gotten an A+ in an AP class!</p>

<p>It probably won't look much different than a regular A. For my school, at least, an A and an A+ are worth the same on a transcript. Either way, they both show you're proficient in the subject. The difference is extremely small.</p>

<p>The value of any grade is impacted by the grade distribution in the class, and the scores received on the AP exam. </p>

<p>As others have said, it's just one data point. </p>

<p>Some schools are generous with high grades, and give students in AP classes credit for things like homework, posters, extra credit, etc. Some schools are stingier with high grades, and count only major papers, exams and maybe some DBQs in the grade to more replicate the college level experience.</p>

<p>It's obviously better to get a high grade than a low grade but an A or even an A+ doesn't mean a whole lot.</p>

<p>Having straight A's in APs is definitely significant for GPA and showing you can do very well with rigorous courses. But a single A+ wont mean much because not all classes are equally difficult or it could be a fluke.</p>