Impact of Multiple Leadership Positions

I am currently holding 3 leadership positions and was wondering if this would be seen in a negative light by AOs. Of course, schools want students who participate in leadership positions, but simply having multiple begins to seem suspect, because how does a student have a true impact on a group while being supposedly devoted to so many other causes? (which is the scenario I am worried about).

Here is the break down of my leadership positions:

  1. National Honor Society President
  • Member for grade 11, 12
  • President during grade 12
  • Primary responsibilities include running bi-weekly meetings, organizing student tutoring services, and communicating with local administration with regards to outreach work
  1. Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Club
  • Member for grades 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Co-president during grade 12
  • Primary responsibilities include making SAT/ACT math curricula for fin. aid scholarship students, leading tutoring sessions, running club meetings, and organizing school AMC competition
  1. Model United Nations
  • Member for grades 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Vice-President during grades 11, 12
  • Primary responsibilities include running bi-weekly club meetings, selecting conferences to attend, and teaching unexperienced students about how to succeed in MUN

Is having all of these positions fine or will it seem fishy to AOs?

It’s fine listing them but you need to stress what you do and the impact. This is because NHS and Mu Alpha Theta are likely two typically overlooked by AOs…they’re more status than impact. So if the organizations are making an impact - such as organizing tutoring and leading outreach work…then make sure it’s known. I’m not sure communicating about outreach work has any oomph…but arranging and participating does.

These are three things that aren’t over time consuming - so it is fine.

The titles show you took on responsibility but ultimately you want to show the impact of your leadership - that’s what they need to see.

Good luck.

Yes, I understand, particularly with NHS and MUAT because the impact of these clubs varies from school to school.

As an NHS president, I tutor 30+ hrs per year, run meetings for 40+ members every two weeks, and organize + participate in charity events that raise money for the school scholarship program (>$20k funds raised) and help local K-8 low income students.

For Mu Alpha Theta, I and my co-pres run an after school tutoring program primarily for our school’s low income / scholarship students that aims to help them with standardized testing mathematics questions. Otherwise, we do standard stuff w/ setting up the AMC competition for students.

Hopefully this makes more sense. Neither of these positions are my primary EC though, as that revolves around the research I am doing with a Natl Lab.

Make sure you communicate the impact of what you are doing.

It’s fine in terms of believability, especially since they are all within your school.