Impact of One Grade

Hey! I’m a sophomore (almost junior!) and I ended up with a B in one class (precalc). I’ve had A’s all of last year and in every other class this year. How much of an impact will this B have on admissions? I’m looking at universities such as JHU and UVA. Thank you guys!

Take a deep breath - one B isn’t going to be the downfall of your college aspirations! Take the time to figure out why you got the B and do what you need to do to make sure you’re well prepared for the next math class you plan to take.

A couple of Bs on the transcript isn’t going to be a problem, even for tippy top schools.

Mantra for the HS student:
Do not think 'Every point I get off of a homework or test is a point away from going to Harvard/JHU/UVA."
Think: “I need to do my best, and there will be a college that is right for me when I graduate.”

Do not think “If I don’t go to an Ivy League School/Top20, I am doomed forever.”
Think: “No matter where I go, I can bloom where I am planted. I can get involved and shine.”

Do not think: “My life is over…the kid in my math class is taking 20 APs and I am taking 5. I will never succeed.”
Think: “I need to challenge myself, but only to the point where I can still do well.”

Thank you so much guys!