Impoartance of MIDYEAR report???

<p>Hello there. My school gives midterm to lower its students' GPA. More than half of my class failed AP Calc AB midterm, and it dropped thier grades from B to D!!!! There are schools that give midterm as extra credit. </p>

<p>I am really skeptical how fairly colleges can compare GPAs of thousands of high schools.</p>

<p>I go to a high school in Long Island, New York. My school does not give curves to AP Bio class and AP calc AB class, while others schools give curves. (Curve means if you get 60 out of 100 on quater and your grade was the highest in your class, you get A+)</p>

<p>For example, my school has one of the toughest AP bio teachers AND we have no curves.<br>
I know she over-prepares us because the mean value of AP score of her studnet last year was 4.5!!! She teaches about 80 students total. </p>

<p>I dont think the B+ I get in her class should be treated equally as those kids who get B+ in other school with a curve. </p>

<p>My main question is, how do colleges differenciate , say, C in non-curved AP Calc AB class with B in curved AP Calc AB class ????????????? I am really concerned...</p>

<p>Do colleges really care about Midyear report? My school is literally known for dropping kids' GPA drastically on 2nd quater....My GPA went down pretty low b/c of midterms...(trust me. I studied realllllly hard for the midterms).</p>

<p>I am a senior..</p>

<p>Colleges do care about a mid-year report but more to make sure the senior student is not coasting. If the grades are comparable with prior grades that is good. The difficulty of APs at your school can be mentioned by the GC. And if it is that hard to get a B+ at your school then you should have high class rank which tells the colleges about the grading.</p>

<p>I REALLY hope that collegs will know that I wasn't slacking off at all although my GPA went down a bit more than I expected../</p>

<p>Stop acting like your situation is so bad. High school isn't that hard dude.</p>

<p>Yes, colleges care a lot about mid year report, because it's the most recent indicator of your academic performance.</p>

<p>Maybe you didn't study 'realllllllllllllllllllllllly' hard enough...</p>